“Perfection” Pisses Me Off and This is Why

God, life is hard sometimes.

Like, it’s not enough to feel like a work horse all day just trying to make enough money to provide for yourself or your family, and cook and clean, and call your mom, and make sure that this time you make it to that coffee date you promised your pal you wouldn’t bail on this time… no.

Not only that, but we feel so much pressure to do all that and look perfect while doing it to.

Men and women are all under an immense amount of pressure every day to look “good”. And I’m not talking about that general sense of looking “put together”. I’m talking about juggling the complex aspects of our lives while looking absolutely tanned, toned, and perfect. An unscarred, unblemished body. A new outfit. A new haircut.

Perfect white teeth, perfect lips, perfect laugh. Perfect.

It’s pissing me off. It’s pissing me off because it’s not. real. And even though we know it’s not real and can accept that to some level, it is still a struggle when the images we take in daily through social media reflect such insanely high standards.

Maybe one day when I’m famous I’ll be able to pay a team of people to dress me, do my face, follow me around to knock pizza out of my hand, and make sure I look hot all the time. Even then, it’s not realistic to attain that “perfect” look. Because that perfect look isn’t real.

But it’s unlikely. What’s more likely is that I’ll probably continue to show up at work in my old leggings and grandpa sweater with my hair up in a bun. I care about looking good, but most days I find that I’m too busy creating and building a business to try and put on the appearance of perfection.

And the truth is that the older I get, the more I start to see how beautiful is actually just a state of mind. You might think if you looked like those stars you idolize, you’ll finally be happy. But do you know who are the most beautiful and happy people out there? The people who stopped giving a fuck what other people think of them. The people who know they are beautiful no matter what society tells them.


Me Eating Breakfast

So for me this pic is pretty much as real as it gets, that’s me eating breakfast in my boyfriend’s t-shirt. And no I don’t give AF about trying to be sexy, when there’s food around I’m only thinking about one thing (hint: it’s the food).

I’m 100% not afraid to share this. Firstly, because I think I’m pretty cute no matter what state I’m in. I don’t care if you like my piercings or my short hair or my baggy ass t-shirt, I’m not living for you I’m living for me.

Secondly, I have other things going for me, so even if I didn’t think I was cute (which I know I am) I know I have a lot more to offer the world. I’m actually pretty smart, and I’m kind. I’m a great listener and I’m hella empathetic (I will get on your level and live there). I’m also funny, at least I think so, and I have a great sense of humor I would probably laugh at your jokes too. So I’m happy with who I am. Blemishes and all.

We need to stop idolizing people based solely on the fact that they are totally hot. And don’t get me wrong, being totally hot is great. But I really don’t look up to anyone unless they have something inside I’m attracted to: inner joy, peace, ambition, enlightenment.

Imagine if the people in our society put as much work into improving their mind and growing spiritually as they did on their outer appearance. Man, that would be so cool. I think it’s possible if we reorganize our priorities (being nice> hotness) and embrace our individuality. We also need to stop, just STOP trying to be “perfect”. There’s no such thing. Isn’t that great? You can breathe now.

I love you all for the magical unique beings that you are. Never stop being you, if anything the world needs more of you to balance all of the other un-you stuff out there.

I hope you love yourself today.

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5 thoughts on ““Perfection” Pisses Me Off and This is Why

  1. I could have written that, in the sense that I absolutely agree wholeheartedly. That stuff you mention, it’s just skin deep and not what makes a person. If I had to spend an hour applying make up to my 47 year old face, I’d be one unhappy Pixie. I wash with soap, 2 seconds, ok, maybe 3 at a push. Then I slap on some moisturiser….whatever is to hand in the way of lotions and it is normally something cheap and cheerful because money doesn’t make it better. I’m normally at my happiest when I am scruffy and I live in a hat that most people would burn. If I’m happy then the clothes are irrelevant as the happiness shines through and my face radiates all that I’m feeling inside.

    You look awesome in your boyfriend’s t-shirt and your hair is amazing.

    Great post.

  2. I’m so glad you found my blog, so I could find yours! Love what you have to say! Your voice is much needed in this world of CARAAAZY self demeaning, expectation overreaching, priority flipping, chaos! AMEN, SISTA! P.s. I’m writing this without makeup, unshowered, and yep…there’s a coffee stain on my sleeve😅 I’m beautiful!

  3. I love this. Yesterday I considered posting a photo with makeup on just to say “look, I do look presentable sometimes!” Now I’m glad that I didn’t. I’m presentable all the time. And you really are cute all of the time! Thank you for writing and sharing this. Your positivity and confidence is contagious!

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