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“Better” can mean a lot of things 

I need you to know that I’m not perfect. 
I have days where I have trouble accepting this. 
I am not the embodiment of everything health and wellness. I simply strive towards it. I don’t have all the knowledge in the world about these subjects, but I learn a little more each day. I work on mastering these aspects of life every day. My food changes, my self care changes, and my fitness routine changes often. It is trial and error; it is work to try and have all of these pieces moving together in harmony. But I am doing that work.
Acknowledging that you might ‘slip up’ in any of these aspects frees you of that immobilizing fear of failure. It’s important to remember that perfection does not exist, it can’t be attained. So don’t beat yourself up for not being there. You are real. 
I am real. 
I can’t write this blog and pretend like my diet is always in check, or I never have a bad day. I do. I think what makes me different is that I always get back up, with the resolve to not just go back to doing what I was before, but to doing better. This is where the perfection comes in. But better isn’t perfect. Better might be faster, better might be bigger. “Better” could mean a lot of things but it can’t mean perfect. That is a set up for failure. 
Be the best version of you today. That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect in every or any capacity. It just means you were a little better in something today than you were yesterday, in your mind or your body or your soul. 
Be good to yourselves today WordPress family! 

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