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I am a Ray of Sunshine

Or at the very least that is what I’m going to take this to mean, as I have been nominated by Gojenbefit for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

“The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who inspire and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.”


Thanks for the nomination Gojenbefit , sharing positive vibes with other people is my biggest life aspiration! You warm my heart. Guys, Jen is a wellness blogger (just like myself!) – I have been following her for a long time now, please go ahead and check her out!

She’s asked me a few questions so please read further if you want to get to know a little more about me!

  1. Do you have next years goals ready? Hmmm, do I have them ready… That’s a tough question. I’m going to say no because although I know what those goals are, I actually haven’t put a time limit on them yet which I think is one of the most important parts of goal setting.
  2. How did you start blogging? I started blogging just over a year ago because I was looking for a platform to share my ideas on all things health and wellness. I love wordpress so much for the little communities it builds and I have enjoyed writing more often and connecting with new people very much!
  3. Who inspires you? I have a lot of people in my life who inspire me for different reasons. I think in general our potential should inspire us. We are capable, and anything is possible for us if we dare to go after it!
  4. Do you consider yourself an expert in anything? Dear god NO. But I know a good amount about a lot of things. I would be a good person to ask about wellness, eating for health, relaxation and motivation techniques. I am the last person you want to ask about math.
  5. Do your goals only include you or those around you? My goals are global! I say all the time that I’m going to change the world. People laugh at that but I am dead serious. If your goal is to help others, you can change the world. My goals also include the ultimate health and happiness for my family!
  6. If you could re-do a moment in your life what would it be? Nothing 🙂 I wouldn’t want to mess with fate, and I’m happy with where I am in life today.
  7. Do you believe anyone can be a blogger ? Heck yes. I love following blogs for all different reasons – some are informative and others are simply an outlet for the writer. Just remember when you blog to do it for you!
  8. Is blogging art to you? Blogging is an art for me, because I only write when I’m feeling inspired. I never force a post, even if it’s been a while since my last one. Also, blogging is expression ;  isn’t art too?
  9. If you had 1 thing about your blog that you could change what would it be? Nothing! I love it and I value all of YOU!
  10. Do you believe Karma? I do believe the universe works to achieve balance in all ways so yes, you could say I believe in karma!


That was kinda fun!

Now I want to turn around and pose number 2 to all of you = how did you guys start blogging? Interesting question right?

Thanks for stopping by, until next time #strongbabes !

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