How to Live Your Best Life

I am totally one of those people who gets sucked into reading something just for the headline. I’ve been click baited so many times: “OMG! She barely made it!” – I rush to click because I have to know: barely made what!?!

So let everyone not be surprised to know that the other day my coworker received an email with the link to an article on LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, I was intrigued. We want to live our best lives! So we embarked on a journey into the article to figure out what that was.

No word of a lie guys, the article was so terrible.

Apparently living my best life is waking up at 6 (I love mornings but come on), spending 2 hours commuting, and 9 hours working. NO JOKE! The work day on this hypothetical “best life scenario” is 9-6!!!!

For all of you out there working those hours, I feel you, and if it’s your dream I can totally… somehow… try to understand that.

But if I know anything for sure it’s that NO ONES DREAM LIFE includes a 2 hour commute!

Okay okay, I’ve knocked it enough. To be fair, the list did include exercise, gratitude, and eating healthy.

But the truth is, I wanted a better list. And it wasn’t going to come out of no where. Then I knew: If I wanted a better list, the onus was on me to make one.

So here we are: How to Live Your Best Life

1. Live with purpose. I think this can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Some have grande visions of being rich and famous, while others enjoy the simple pleasures of raising a beautiful family. It doesn’t matter what you’re chasing, but chase something. Have a reason to get up every morning – something that really drives you!

2. If you are going home to someone, let it be someone you love – and who loves you. I think so many of us get stuck in relationships and situations that no longer serve us. Nothing is better than going home to a warm hug at the end of the day.

3. Collect memories, not things. Most of the things we buy, we don’t actually need. And once they are bought, the euphoria of a new purchase falls away. But memories are beautiful. The memories we make stay with us. They bring us light on dark days. They give us a life to look back on.


That’s it. So simple. So wonderful!

I’d love to hear your input!

What’s your tip on living your best life?



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  1. Lol i get wrapped up into the titles too. I love the second point you made best — I definitely was in some relationships that didn t serve either of us for way too long. And its just taking time away from the amazing person you could be with // or learning how to be alone! Hope you’ve been well & happy holidays ❤❤

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