September Update: My Path is Uniquely Made for Me

Hey babe!

Whew, it was one heck of a summer wasn’t it? Sometimes the months kinda sneak by, but never September. September always manages to become noticed: the cooling of the air, the changing of the colours in the grass and trees, and the falling of the leaves. Although PEI doesn’t experience it quite as intensely as we do in the prairies, it’s still there.

And what a perfect moment to experience a physical change in my surroundings as we embark further on the journey inside.

We were lucky enough to spend almost the entire month of September in Prince Edward Island. In a way, it felt like cheating. We were supposedly embarking on this “scary” adventure when really we find so much comfort there. Surrounded by family and a few good friends, the days became easy and predictable.

We still had access to a shower every night, and a kitchen, and all the other fixin’s of home. We know our way around, and where the good coffee is. Let me tell you, the value of this is appreciated more in the coming weeks.

It was easy to stay on top of my health game in September because we did have access to a kitchen and made it a point to eat healthy most of the time, especially sitting down to dinner. In the spirit of eating what’s fresh and local we had a lot of fish and local produce. Matthew fell in love with turmeric baked haddock and greens for dinner, which I guess if you are going to fall in love with any dish is a great option!

We also went to the gym a couple of days a week. We were GoodLife members in Calgary so we continued to work out at the one on the island – it’s really nice and it never really got that busy which we were absolutely pumped on. M usually made it there more often than me as there were a couple of times I had to opt out of a workout for work.

Yep – still working!

“But aren’t you on vacation?”

Not really; I’m on an adventure. But going cold turkey and not working isn’t right for me or Matthew for that matter. We are two people who enjoy work – as long as it’s on our own terms. So since before we left Calgary I’ve taken my Nutrition Coaching Business completely online, and I also work online as a freelance health writer.

Nothing could be better suited for a health-loving introvert than those two paths. Coaching people online about nutrition allows me to help people get healthy and strong with a coffee and a cute doggy by my side. Writing about health professionally helps me keep up to date on the most recent research and I get to help clients share their message with the world. I really want to tell you guys more about how I support myself on the road – maybe via YouTube video? Let me know if you’re interested!

This may not be what you want to hear, but to be honest I still questioned my decisions up to the end of September. Hear me out here, because you might be able to relate to this. While in PEI, I found out my favourite YouTuber got pregnant. I know this sounds silly (trust me – I realize that now), but we already hold these people on a pedestal. Now one of those women who I believed already had everything suddenly had even more. Or at least that’s where my mind went at the time. I had this sinking feeling in my stomach like she was moving forward – a jagged reminder that maybe I wasn’t.

It made me look at myself for a moment and think I wasn’t enough. I’ll be 30 in a couple of months. Should I be settling down, get some health insurance and start having kids? Because I want all those things – I do.

I had to have a pep talk with myself and realize that you can’t force your life to be a certain way. I wasn’t dealt those cards. It doesn’t mean I never will be. But fate had something else destined for me… and to not embrace that would be such a waste.

Although overwhelming at the time, I really do know better than to compare myself to strangers on the internet. We all have our own unique challenges – even the people we think have it all.

If you are challenged in where you are at in your journey right now – amen sister, I hear you. But let’s trust that we are exactly where we need to be.

So that was September – stay tuned for October which will bring the trials and tribulations of living on the road (like seriously, wait until you hear this….) and all the good stuff too (lots of good exciting stuff). Let’s just say: the story gets juicy!

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