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If you love supporting awesome babes like I do, you’ve gotta stop by for this Boss Babe  Feature #1. Jhesica Gristwood is a fellow CSNN grad and total wellness smartie-pants. She hustles as both a Personal Trainer and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She’s also got a personality to back it all up – she’s ambitious, lively, driven, and a total sweetheart. Keep reading so you can learn a little more about her.


Thanks for doing this feature with me Jhes! Just like the person reading this, I have so much to learn about you still. Let’s start from the beginning: what got you interested in health and wellness?  

Through my growing years, I played a variety of sports and loved being active. This transitioned into being something I wanted to incorporate into my career. After pursuing a diploma in personal training, I felt I wanted to learn more about nutrition and widen my scope of practice. I wouldn’t say that there was any one specific thing that got me interested in health and wellness but rather it was the lifestyle I grew up with.   

That explains why you are so well-rounded as a professional! You pack a double punch as a CPT and CHNC. Tell us, what do you love about merging fitness and nutrition together? What do you feel that brings your clients?  

Whether your ambitions may be something as simple as wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, or training for a competition, both are a main component for achieving either objective. I think having both designations allows me to bring my client care to the next level, specifically from a holistic perspective. If a client isn’t performing well in workouts I can take a step back and more carefully examine their eating habits, stress levels, sleep patterns, and hydration to look at a more complete picture. Conversely, if a nutrition client is interested in beginning training or is working to improve a specific condition, I can ensure they are appropriately fuelling their body with the nutrients they need to be healthy and feel 100%.  


It’s so cool that you can help clients whether they are focused on the more fitness-aspect of wellness or if they are coming at it more from the nutrition side. What’s the vision and goal for WholeFit? Where do you see yourself and WholeFit in 5 years? 

My vision for WholeFit is to continue growing and helping clients. My brand is young and I am still going through a lot of trial and error to discover a niche for myself and what that looks like. Things you can expect to see are fitness, nutrition, and supplement related pieces in terms of creating balance within your lifestyle.  

I love that you are willing to admit the trial and error because it is such a huge part of the journey that so many in our field are afraid to talk about.

Tell me something else – fall is upon us: what’s your go-to meal to make for dinner? 

My go-to meal for the Fall is spaghetti squash and chicken topped with a sundried tomato and mushroom sauce. My mouth is watering already!  

Mine too! Cook for me?


What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about health in the past year? 

The importance of rest and listening to what your body is trying to tell you. So often our body is giving us feedback of what it needs and most times we ignore those warnings until our body is screaming so loudly we can’t push away the signs anymore. I have found value in making sure I am getting enough sleep, taking down time for myself to relax, doing mobility and yoga to support my musculoskeletal system, and keeping my hydration levels up. Drink the water babes, that shit is good for you!

You’re totally right – being intuitive with your body like that is such a valuable skill and it can only be heightened by listening to our bodies more. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little more about you today. 

If people want to connect with you, where can they find you? 

They can find me @wholefityyc for Insta and WholeFit on Facebook.

Thanks Jhes! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you – you total Boss Babe You. 


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