What is Turkey Tail Mushroom?

If you’d seen Turkey Tail Mushroom before, you would likely remember it – it looks exactly as it sounds: like the feathers of a turkey tail.

But actually, Turkey Tail mushroom is a fungus that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Also known as Coriolus versicolor, which means “cloud mushroom”. It is actually quite common, and grows worldwide on dead logs in wooded areas.

Mushrooms have gained a lot of attention recently for their vast health benefits, and Turkey Tail Mushroom is one of them. Are you wondering if Turkey Tail Mushroom is worth supplementing? Keep reading to find out what recent studies have shown regarding the healthy and helpful attributes of this fungus.


Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom

1. Immune Boosting

Turkey Tail is most well-known for it’s immune boosting power. This mushroom has a modulating effect on the immune system, and can help support it when compromised – for example, when you are fighting off a cold or flu. In the case of illness, this mushroom is often made into a tea to help stave off the sickness and fight the symptoms naturally.

2. Help with Treatment of Cancer

Clinical studies of gastric cancer treatment show that administration of Turkey Tail Mushroom during chemotherapy supports survival rates significantly. Another study of participants who were administered Turkey Tail Mushroom while receiving chemotherapy for Lung Cancer showed the same thing – higher survival rates. Turkey Tail Mushroom may be especially complimentary for cancer treatment during chemotherapy because it supports immunity, whereas chemotherapy suppresses it.

3 – Reduce Stress

Turkey Tail Mushroom is classified as an adaptogen. Adaptogens help to regulate your body’s cortisol response, and may work to reduce cortisol if it is too high. Thus, it can help you “adapt” better in times of stress – whether the stress is physical or mental.

4 – Aid Digestion

Turkey Tail Mushroom contains something called protein-bound β-glucan (PBG) , which one study investigated as an anti-obesity component. That’s because PBG increases the abundance of a healthy bacteria called Akkermansia muciniphila, which in turn supports the gut microbiome. This aids digestion and may reduce intestinal inflammation. It has been implied that this connection is what could lead to weight loss as a result.


How to take Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey Tail Mushroom can be used dried to make a tea, or powdered to make an elixir. Mushroom hot cacao mixes are increasing in popularity, and can be found in many health food stores.

You can also find Turkey Tail Mushroom in capsule form. As it is also grown worldwide, if you live close to a forested area – you might very well find it in your own back yard.


Although suitable for use in the case of illness or cancer, it can also be used for general health purposes, or for prevention. If you’re looking for something that supports immunity and also provides some other great health benefits too, Turkey Tail’s got it.



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