What is Brain Hacking?

If the key to a happy life is progress, then it’s no wonder that brain hacking is where it’s at right now. Brain hacking brings with it a promise of enhanced brain performance – better memory, quicker cognitive speed, a clearer mind, and a happier mood. If you’re wondering what Brain Hacking is all about, you came to the right place. This article provides a brief overview to all things Brain Hacking!

What is Brain Hacking?

Brain hacking is a general term which describes the utilization of different strategies to enhance brain function. These strategies can be behavioural changes, lifestyle changes, changes in diet, or utilization of specific supplements. Essentially, the term encompasses any intentional act aimed at enhancing brain function.

Why Brain Hacking?

If you’re into self-improvement, brain hacking is a no-brainer (heh). Enhancing brain function can give you a leg-up in sports performance, support your mental health, improve your work place production, or even lead to you crushing it at your next family game night. But seriously – there are endless ways in which boosting your brains ability could benefit you.


Ways to “Hack” Your Brain

There are a few longstanding, tried-and-true ways of enhancing mental performance. For instance, sleep and exercise have long been utilized for this purpose. Adequate sleep and regular exercise have both been shown to be helpful in supporting cognitive function. The same goes for meditation, which is another lifestyle tool that is being utilized for the purpose of supporting clearer thinking.

Outside the norm, there are other tools that can be used. For example, physical stimulation. This includes tactics like brain stimulation, sense stimulation, neurofeedback, and memory aids. Some of these require tools not every person has on hand, but there are tons of other options when it comes to figuring out a strategy.

Mnemonic techniques, which are techniques applied to aid in memory retrieval and retention, is another way in which you can boost your brain power. Mnemonics make use of different tools to store information effectively – and retrieve it easier too.

Supplements like Bacopa monnieri , guarana, ginseng, and GABA (just to name a few!) have all been studied for their brain enhancing effects, with promising results. Not only can some of these brain supportive supplements help with cognitive performance, but they have also been shown to help with mood. A more balanced mood is key for efficient cognitive function.

There are plenty of foods that promote healthy brain function too. Foods heavy in healthy fats, low in sugar, and free of refined anything are all recommended. Regulating cortisol through food is another way you could consider boosting your mental clarity. It is possible to eat in a way that puts the health of your brain up as a priority, benefiting both the body and the brain.

The key to being successful in brain hacking is to implement different types of strategies, specific to what works best for you. It’s all about being intentional and making changes that are really going to make a difference in how your brain functions overall.

If you’re new to Brain Hacking, you’re going to want to follow along – over the next two months we are diving DEEP into enhancing cognitive function. Don’t forget to follow this blog for further posts, and check out my Instagram for all things BRAIN BOOSTING over the coming weeks!


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