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When I think of a what defines a Boss Babe, the first word that comes to mind is “fearless”. This Boss Babe definitely fits that description. Although life hasn’t always been a cake-walk for this Mama – she’s pursued her passion and turned it into a career. I hope you guys enjoy learning about her as much as I did.

I’m always curious about where people’s passions originate from. How did you get into photography?

“I originally started photography during high school in the photography club. Just shooting wildlife and landscapes. I didn’t pay too much attention to the details or learning how to shoot with different settings.  My parents purchased me a second hand Canon camera when I graduated.  I didn’t pick it up near as much as I should have. Just here and there, then I became pregnant with my son.

When I had my son I obviously wanted to have all the photos of him I could. I started becoming more serious about photography and the logistics of the work and my camera. I purchased the proper editing software, a new (cheap) lens, and started posting more photos online. I started doing photos of friends for free and trying to get my name out in the community. I began joining more photography communities online and absorbing as much information as I could from fellow friends and online groups. I started learning my camera extensively and using the equipment I had in the best ways I could. I learned that I absolutely adored capturing peoples favorite moments, learning new techniques, and improving my work with every shoot.”

It sounds like once you had your sun, photography came all that much more naturally to you! He’s way cute by the way.

I’ve been watching you via Instagram for a while, and from the outside it seems like you went from weekend warrior to full-steam-ahead photographer overnight! What is your secret ; how did you take your business to the next level?

“Haha! tell me about it. Things exploded for me after I did my second wedding season. My name spread like wildfire and I had my 2019 season almost fully booked ( I left a few dates open to keep my sanity , which paid of being a really good plan further down the road ). I always work at the tire shop my father manages during his busy season which is September – December and May to the end of June. It’s hard work; definitely a love-hate relationship but with the economy being so hard on Prince Edward Island, a job is a job, as a single mother I always do what I can to support my son.  So, I’d work a job and do photoshoots in the evenings after work and on the weekends continuing to get my name out there.  

I posted my work consistently on social media forums and on photography groups even though I was terrified to share it.  I started being raw and honest about my experiences in life and how my photography helped me express a lot of that. I began bonding and having people from photography groups approach me saying how much they appreciated someone expressing life so openly because they had also gone through similar experiences.  I also began getting praise and love for my work in these groups from people I adore and look up to and becoming friends with them.  

I’m a constant supporter for ANYONE I see working hard and doing what they love to succeed and chase their dreams. That seems to make a big impact on my peers and appreciation goes a long way. I also met my future husband in a photo group, we sort of became an overnight sensation in the photography community and that gained a lot of momentum in our business and personal lives.  Others started following our story as a couple that works and thrives together, which also allowed them to follow our work and love what we do! “

You never know where pursuing your dreams can take you – the people you meet, the road it leads you down! That’s all so exciting. I’m sure there is so much that has (and will happen!) along the way. So far, what is the biggest challenge you have met in pursuing your business, and what is the greatest moment of accomplishment you’ve had?

“This is a tough question … I think the biggest challenge is balancing being a single mother on top of building my business.  It’s such an insanely busy, complicated, frustrating, wild ride being a mother and it’s equally that busy being an entrepreneur; putting them together is not for the faint of heart that’s for sure. It’s been so rewarding but it’s also been incredibly hard to learn along the way and balance business and motherhood properly.  I admit there was moments in the start of my business that I spent too much time working and not enough time being with the ones I love but being a business owner and mother is a CONSTANT learning curve.  I’ve learned so much just from my couple years of business and I’m still shocked everyday that people come to me now and want to learn from me and come to me for advice about all walks of life. 

My biggest moment of accomplishment… I honestly don’t know. I think just learning my own worth and appreciating MYSELF as a business owner and artist was my biggest achievement.  Realizing that YES, I can raise my prices, I can take time off to spend with my son without thinking I didn’t get enough work done, I absolutely can do these massive milestones that I never even imagined could be possible … confidence in my art, that’s my biggest accomplishment”

I… don’t know how you do it! You moms seriously amaze me.
What do you love the most about what you do? 

“Oh gosh, there is SO many things. My top two favorite parts of what I do would be all the different people I get to meet and become friends with, whether it’s clients, vendors, or fellow photographers, and seeing peoples happiness and love when they get their photos back. Their excitement is such a high and makes me so happy to be chosen to capture the moments in their lives. The community I’m surrounded by is so incredible and so supportive, I know I could travel anywhere in the world and have several people come forward with a place to stay or wanting to get dinner and go shoot some photos together. It really is incredible.”

You definitely have a style, and I adore it. What are your absolute favourite shots to get?

“My favorite shots to get are the very candid inbetween moments of my sessions and wedding days. I use prompts to get a lot of reactions and make my couples loosen up a bit. I also try to be goofy and weird to make my clients laugh are start joking around. The genuine laughter and love I get from these moments are my favourite.”

It’s really cool that you get to be there for those vulnerable and intimate moments. I’ve asked a lot about what brought you to where you are now, but I’m curious: Where do you see yourself in 5 years, both personally and professionally?

“In 5 years I hope to be married to the love of my life and partner in business. I hope to have added to my family and have another little human in our lives.  In 5 years I hope we will have an infinite amount of happy memories, miles of travel, and obviously, a million and one photos along the way.”

 I love every bit of that! I’ll be following along as always, admiring you as both a photographer and a Boss Babe. Where can we see more about you?

“I can be found on Facebook , and I can also be found on Instagram under these three accounts :

Excellent, thanks so much! Don’t forget to show Kirsten some love on her photos. She really is incredibly talented. Check her out, and see for yourself!

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