October & November Update

I’m comfortable talking about just about anything – but not my wins. Don’t try to get me talking about the good things that happen to me. Why? Because this late update post is the perfect example of the result – utter avoidance and procrastination.

It doesn’t feel right talking about the things I’ve accomplished. Even when I’ve worked for them. Even when I’ve manifested them. Even when I’m proud inside – I have so much difficulty expressing it outwardly.

So, let’s call this post an exercise of rebellion against my former habits. I have so much good to highlight in this personal update, and I hope you’ll sit back and let me spill.

October and November were bursting at the seams with good things – I almost am not sure where to start – perhaps with the unexpected.

October saw me reach my very first organic freelance recommendation – meaning that someone reached out to me for my work. The freelance world is tough. I can reach for 100 projects and maybe land 1. It’s very competitive, and you have to constantly be willing to put yourself out there and look for those opportunities because they don’t come to you.

I guess technically when you reach a certain level, those projects do come to you. But I’m not at that level, not yet! Yet having that happen, just once, made it feel like anything is possible for me.

October and November were actually really great months for career growth for me overall. I know I’m capable, but I’m also really hard on myself, so having opportunities be presented to me is mind-blowing. My gut-reaction is to wonder why, and feel like I don’t deserve it. Then I try to remind myself that I am hard working, and I can accept the good things that happen to me. That part of me is still a work in progress.

The most exciting thing that happened to me was winning Impact Magazine’s Holiday Recipe Contest (!!!!!!). The chose my recipe, the Sugar(less) Cookie Bites, as the feature. As the winner, I also won a brand new Kitchen Aid Professional Series Blender (!!!!). This has me feeling truly truly grateful. Even as a wellness blogger and total foodie, I admit I have no fancy kitchen appliances or gadgets – really just the basics, if that. I work with what I’ve got, but I’m so excited to have this blender and I’m eager to come out with some amazing recipes with it!

Amidst all of this excitement, I also got to spend time with so many people I love in November. Our friends came out for a visit, and it was just when I needed it. Being around people you love breathes life back into you – a reminder that the connection we have with one another is the greatest currency we have.

Her !

Their visit was basically the perfect mix of running around and seeing things, but also staying in and straight chillin’. We ate lots of good food (too much?? Nah), played board games, and even though the weather wasn’t the best we did a lot of exploring.

Fresh off the end of their visit, I found myself visiting with my family back home one week later. My family means everything to me, and being able to spend quality time with them was such a blessing. My sisters partner, (and arch nemesis/ bff 2nd in command) Thomas, took us out for an incredible dinner. They happened to be doing spoken-word poetry at the restaurant that night which was so cool to witness and enjoy.

Pre-dinner selfies

I spent the following day visiting with my niece all day. She’s 3, and like most 3 year olds has an incredible amount of energy! I did my best to entertain her and let’s just say I had no trouble sleeping that night. I also got to squeeze in a little visit with my older sister that night and eat pizza.

I spent the next day with my mom. We went out to Banff to enjoy the hot springs and some lunch. The drive was incredible, and it gave us a chance to visit.

Even when I lived closer, I never went out of my way to go to the Banff Hot Springs. But on a Wednesday afternoon, on a perfectly brisk day, it’s just great. The temperature was on point, and it was quiet- maybe only another 10 or so people there.

Mum sneaking behind the trees

October and November were so great that December is really going to have to pull up to show up! My career has been growing, but not in a way that has taken time away from my family or friends. This does feel like the part of my life where I find a place of balance in that. Yes I can be career-driven and goal-oriented, but it doesn’t mean I need to run myself into the ground and miss out on spending time with people I love.

Last night, Matthew suggested I close my eyes and take some time to envision what I see for myself and my career. Sometimes I feel like I’m moving so fast, I forget to maintain a sense of clarity when it comes to this. I think mapping out what this looks like is going to really define the next year for me! Would you guys be interested in hearing more about this?

But before 2020 is here, I have a huge project that is being unveiled on my Instagram this month and I hope you will follow along, because I don’t want you to miss it!

I’ll see you there !

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