How Quarantine Stress Affects Your Body

We’re living in a time of really high stress – there’s no doubt about that. Our worlds have become smaller, and our worries are a whole lot bigger. High stress in your body means high cortisol levels. High cortisol can impact your health in so many different ways, both big and small. Stress during quarantine is impacting us all to some degree, so being aware of what this might look like should be important to you.

This information isn’t intended to scare you or make you even more stressed. This information is intended to help you reflect on how well you might be managing your stress right now. Knowing what signs to look for may help you prioritize strategies that can help you balance your cortisol.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone”, because it plays a crucial role in how the body responds to stress. However, there is much more that cortisol plays a role in. It is a very important hormone for overall health and wellness, as it also plays a role in metabolism, inflammation, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and memory.

High Cortisol Effects on the Body

When it comes to cortisol, the most important aspect is balance. While a certain amount of cortisol is vital for regular healthy body function, an overproduction can lead to many significant health issues. All of the following are common signs of high cortisol.

Anxiety. I know, I know! As if being stressed about self-isolation and more wasn’t enough, high cortisol can further promote anxiety. Stress causes, well, more stress. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, and it can be really difficult to get out of, especially when this becomes a more chronic or ongoing issue.

Depression. There’s no doubt that high cortisol impacts mental health. Many people with depression have high cortisol levels. However this is not really a one way street. Stress and depression have more of a circular relationship, where they both influence one another.

Digestive Problems. In times of particularly high stress, your body will restrict functions deemed as “non-essential”, as our body remains in a fight-or-flight state. This includes digestive function. Blood flow may be restricted, holding your digestive system back from functioning properly.

Headaches. In a fight-or-flight state, the brain releases certain chemicals that result in changes in vascularity. These chemicals work to dilate and restrict blood vessels. This can cause headaches and migraines.

Sleep Problems. Those worrisome thoughts that keep you awake at night also keep you from having a good quality sleep. This can sabotage your mood the following day, and lead to even more stress. Sleep problems can look like trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or just not having a good quality sleep.

Bloating. Stress causes a fluctuation of hormones, which alone can lead to bloating. High stress can also influence your gut bacteria, throwing your microbiome out of whack as a result and also leading to bloating.

• Memory Impairment. Have you not quite felt like yourself lately? Stress can lead to forgetfulness, confusion, and memory problems. The way your body reacts to stress changes the way our brain processes information. You might be forgetting particular parts of conversations you’ve had, or putting your belongings in bizarre places.

What You Can Do To Combat Quarantine Stress

Stay Connected. Not being able to catch up with your friends and family in person can impact your mood and leave you feeling lonely. Nothing can replace a warm hug from your loved ones, but for the time being take advantage of what you can do to stay connected. Try FaceTime, Skype, or HouseParty so you can see your people face to face.

Keep Moving. Daily movement promotes a balance mood and can help stave off stress! Whether that’s a walk that allows for social distancing, yoga in your living room, or a 20 minute bodyweight workout, daily activity whether short or long can help combat stress.

Engage in Enjoyable Activities. Yes, it’s fun every once in a while to binge hours of a new show! But don’t forget to engage in the other activities you enjoy. Art, photography, baking, reading – you have so many options. Doing enjoyable activities when possible can help you pass the time more easily.

Take Time For You. If you are alone right now or have a lot of time to yourself, this suggestion might seem silly. But just because you have the time doesn’t mean you make it meaningful to you. Taking time to yourself means planning out something that’s just got you. If you are taking care of others right now, really take this suggestion to heart. Try to get your own physical space for at least 30 minutes a day to do something that’s just for you.

I hope you found this information helpful. I would love to hear more about what you’re doing to combat stress during this unprecedented time – feel free to share below.

Take care Babes.

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Sleep Routine for Anxiety

There are many different factors in your life that can contribute to your anxiety. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it means that these factors can be leveraged as tools to support your mental health. A couple of major influences on your anxiety levels include lack of sleep duration or lack of quality sleep. Each of these factors can have a great impact on your mental health.  A sleep routine catered to your needs can make a big difference in your mental health.

What is a Sleep Routine?

Perhaps the idea of a sleep routine is foreign to you, so let’s start with the basics. A sleep routine is a routine you practice every night before you sleep. This could last any length of time that works for you. Some people have a 15 minute sleep routine, whereas others have one that takes 2 hours. It’s all about creating a sequence of activities that suits you.

What are the Benefits of a Sleep Routine?

Falling Asleep

There is so much that a sleep routine can offer, especially for those struggling with anxiety. Firstly, a sleep routine can help you fall asleep. Falling asleep is so difficult for some people, as this time of day tends to remove distractions and can leave you with your own racing thoughts. By setting a predetermined sequence of events, you can teach your body to expect sleep once the routine is complete. Of course, this can take some time. But if you struggle with getting to sleep, it’s totally worth it.

Duration of Sleep

Let’s face it: there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done! But it can be tough to settle in when you feel like your to-do list is piling up. This is another good reason to start a sleep routine. A big part of the routine is having a set time at which the routine begins. This allows you to stay consistent with your bedtime.

Not only that, but creating a consistent flow of sleep duration (when you go to sleep and get up) will allow you to sleep better throughout the night. Again, this call comes back to creating expectations. Your body will know when it is time to sleep, and eventually how long it can expect to sleep by repeating the same pattern.

Quality of Sleep

Giving yourself time and space to wind down at the end of the night can enhance the quality of your sleep too. Slowly bringing yourself to a state of relaxation can influence the quality of your sleep. Plus, if a part of your sleep routine includes managing some things that will help you in the morning (such as choosing your outfit or packing your lunch), this can impact your stress and cortisol levels, which in turn influences your sleep.

Sleep Routine Ideas

Your sleep routine should be as unique as you are. It’s important to add in elements that help you wind down, reduce stress, and create a sense of routine. Here are some ideas of what you can implement:

  • Herbal, non-caffeinated tea
  • Bath or shower
  • Reading
  • Essential Oils
  • Dim lights
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Skincare
  • Breathing exercises
  • Colouring
  • Stretching
  • Journaling
  • Light a candle
  • Relaxing music

Having a sleep routine can influence your mental health and your anxiety in a positive way. It can help you feel more prepared so that you worry less and relax easier. It does require a little bit of conscious decision making and consistency, but it’s so worth it for the benefit it can bring.

Sleep well!

Why Being Positive Is Not What You Think It Is.

I know what you’re thinking.

Most people have this idea that being a positive person means having a relentlessly sunny disposition. If you’re positive you wake up in the morning, the birds are chirping, your don’t have bed head, and your coffee pours itself. Wow!

There is this perspective that being a positive person means never having a bad day. You have no problems or issues in your life. You fly high with a natural energy 24/7. And that coffee that poured itself? You actually don’t need it because you feel great all the time.

And with this preconceived notion I have to say: I whole-heartedly disagree.

Being a positive person means that even though you have bad days, you’ve learned to find the small redeeming moments in them. Sometimes means that you accept the challenges of life because you’ve learned to see the opportunity in the struggle. Being a positive person is more about having the ability to enjoy the little things in life, like when all the lights are green for you that morning or a stranger smiles at you.

Positivity isn’t about perfection – you don’t have to be perfect! You don’t have to be exuding joy and smiling all the time to see yourself as a genuinely positive person. It’s all about your focus. What does your energy and attention go towards? Does it tend towards the hard parts of life, or mostly the good stuff (big or small)?

You can’t always have good days. The more you dwell on what’s happened, the more you will stay stuck where you are. Choose to move forward and redeem the day. Now you are a positive person!



Lets pretend that you’ve been looking forward to seeing your friend all week, and at the last minute she bails on you, AGAIN. Instead of telling her where to go (although tempting), you wish her a good evening. You spend the rest of the evening enjoying yourself despite what happened. You think to yourself “maybe things turned out for the best, I had a way better night by myself anyways”. Good job girl because you are totally being positive!

Lets think about those mornings when you get up and you look at yourself and you’re just feeling really off, so you look in the mirror and you’re like NOPE. But you take a shower and you pull yourself together and you have that extra dose of caffeine because you are gonna CEASE THE DAY DAMMIT. I want to personally congratulate you on being positive.

It doesn’t always come naturally, or easily. A positive lifestyle is something to work at. Don’t let that discourage you! And if you get discouraged, don’t write yourself off as defectively flawed and miserable. Decide to make little changes, and pat yourself on the back for the little positive things you think and do because dammit, those are awesome.


Tips on How to go Zero Waste

As both Aquarian and empath, I have a natural inclination to want to save the world. I’ve been spending a lot of my life figuring out ways to help people, and that was always the way I exercised this drive. But lately, I’ve been learning more and more about the zero waste movement and I have to be honest: I’m am completely enthralled.

Here’s what pushed me over the edge: my partner and I have been working on converting a work trailer into tiny living quarters. Our first order of business was to completely rip out the inside shelving and walls, and we had to get rid of it at the city dump.

I had never been to the dump before, so you can imagine that I could only find it visually appalling. The smell was nothing to rave about either. I don’t know what your city does with it’s garbage, but here in Calgary it goes to the landfill, where it is stacked in a big old pile, and buried.


Seeing it in real life had me astounded at how much of our lives is just disposable… literally. And more than anything, it got me thinking – what can I do to reduce my waste, and my impact on the environment?

For me, going zero waste is all about doing everything I can to reduce my footprint. Zero is always a goal, but lets face it – I’m a beginner. If you want tips from an expert, you might have to find those somewhere else.

Because today, I’m sharing my newbie tips on how to go zero waste. These small changes have helped me a lot over the last couple of weeks, and I hope that they will inspire you to make small, earth-friendly changes too!


1. Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle  – This might be by far the most obvious tip, but it is also the most underutilized in my opinion. This is something easy everyone can do because reusable water bottles are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Skip the plastic – look for durable, long lasting stainless steel or glass bottles. There are some very expensive brands out there, but you absolutely don’t have to break the bank on this one! I got my stainless steel water bottle on sale at a sporting goods store for $20. The best part: it keeps my water cold all day!


2. Check Your Compost – When my city first began their municipal composting program, it was a huge success. Within the first year Calgarian’s diverted 53 million kilograms of organic material from the landfill, and it has since been turned into compost.

But food scraps aren’t the only items that can make it into the compost bin! Some items like specific types of coffee cups, coffee filters, and used paper towels can also be composted. Check the rules in your municipality regarding compost – or if you don’t have a program run by your city try composting on your own!

compost (1)

3. Remember your Reusable Bags – We all have them, but none of us use them. I know! I’m guilty too. I’ve found that the trick to making the most out of reusable bags is to keep them easily accessible – stash them in your car, in your purse, in your gym bag – put them wherever it’s convenient to access them when you get to the store. Aside from that, just practice. I still slip up on this one, but every time I go to pick up a few things and I remember my bag, it feels really good.


4. Shop Consignment – Having worked in a consignment store for several years, this tip is near and dear to my heart! What better way to express your love for the earth than treating yourself to a new outfit? Not only are you giving a home to clothes that might otherwise be thrown away, but you also save tons of cash. You can reduce, reuse, recycle, and look good while doing it.


5. Get a To-Go Coffee Mug – It’s nice to have a reusable water bottle, but if you’re a coffee lover like me this tip will be absolutely more useful for you. Not only are reusable coffee mugs great for keeping your coffee warmer for longer, but some of them are also totally stylish. Some coffee shops even discount your price (slightly – but every penny counts right?) to use a reusable mug!


As a newbie waste reducer, these 5 tips are what I have found to be the easiest way to reduce my waste. I’m not perfect – I still practice every day, and I still make mistakes!

I know I have a great journey of learning ahead of me. As I learn more tips and tricks along the way, I promise to share them with you (part two: ameteur to expert?). 

What do you think about reducing your waste? Are these tips practical for you? Which do you think would be the most difficult and why? Feel free to share in the comments below!



What is Moon Milk?

Any restless sleepers out there? I am not one to have any trouble staying asleep – but falling asleep on the other hand, well that’s a whole different story.

When I had those nights as a child, my mum would always encourage me to heat up a cup of warm milk and sip on it. There is something about warm milk that is always so comforting. Of course, any warm beverage can make you feel warm and cozy inside – but warm milk brings me back to those childhood nights. I still love drinking warm milk before bed to this day.

However, long gone are the days of drinking cows milk. Now, it’s usually an unsweetened cashew or when I’m feeling adventurous, an almond hazelnut blend. And being the health enthusiast that I am, I love putting a delicious, nutritious twist on it.

That’s what Moon Milk really is. A health-infused update of that warm milk I always had as a child. It’s a warm hug. It’s nurturing. And it’s so easy to make.

How do you make Moon Milk?  Take your favourite nut milk and add your favourite non-caffienated tea, spices, and other creative (non-stimulating!) ingredients – warm on the stovetop – and you’ve got your very own Moon Milk.

I’ve seen all sorts of recipes out there – and these add-ins are my favorites:

  • Cherry Juice – naturally high in melatonin, which helps reset your sleep cycle
  • Turmeric – contains circumin, a potent anti-inflammatory 
  • Cinnamon – helps stabilize blood sugar
  • Ashwaghanda –  adaptogen that supports balanced cortisol levels 
  • Ginger – aids digestion
  • Lavender Tea – promotes relaxation
  • Black Pepper – helps with absorption 

Those are just a few of the options – but if you are going to make Moon Milk, why not dream up your own blend? It’s easy, and all you need are a few simple ingredients.

If following a recipe is more your thing, keep reading – I’m going to share with you my own personal Moon Milk blend. Only 3 ingredients needed!

Chamomile Moon Milk Recipe: 


  • Cashew milk (unsweetened)
  • Chamomile Vanilla Tea* – promotes relaxation
  • 1/8 tsp nutmeg – used for sleep and digestive support in Ayurveda

Directions: In a small stove top pot, add 2.5 cups of your favorite nut milk. Add chamomile vanilla tea, and sprinkle in nutmeg. Let it simmer on low-medium for about ten minutes. We want this warmed, not burning hot! After ten minutes, whisk to froth. Pour into a cup and enjoy. Rest easy.

*You could go with straight chamomile, but chamomile vanilla is on a whole ‘nother level! 

The best part about this recipe is that you probably have the ingredients on hand already – and you can easily swap out the chamomile tea for your favorite caffeine free blend.

What do you think of this warm milk for grownups with a nutritious twist?


Period Probs: What You Didn’t Know

My Basic Premenstrual Problems:

Death cramps, extreme hunger, wild mood swings, and muscle aches.

Most of you reading this will not be surprised at my list – 80% of women report having PMS symptoms. Therefore, I am not the exception. In fact, a couple of days ago in between a handful of popcorn and a spoonful of peanut butter, I asked myself: why am I so insatiably hungry? Is this a normal PMS symptom – and if so, why?

I loved the answers I found. You know why? Because we’ve come to expect feeling crappy for a week – but now we can figure out why, and what we can do about it. Let’s start right here, with this post.

So what kind of changes does the body actually go through premenstrually? Here’s the breakdown:

Changes during PMS


Did you also know: premenstrually, a woman’s basal metabolic rate, or BMR, increases. Because you are burning more calories, this sends a signal to your body to also send in more. If you’ve ever had that “bottomless pit” symptom of PMS, you know just what I mean.

The descending estrogen levels is what throws off serotonin. Serotonin is a feel good hormone, and a lack of this can lead to feelings of anxiety and irritability. In turn, we tend to look for carbohydrate and sugar heavy foods to boost our mood – hence the insatiable hunger and intense chocolate cravings.

But there might be another reason for that chocolate craving: magnesium. Cacao is high in magnesium, which is in high demand during PMS. Magnesium can help with the muscle aches and cramping associated with PMS and menstruation.

So what can you do about it?

  • Eat lots of nutrient dense foods – the vitamins and minerals in nutrient dense foods (think brightly coloured fruits and vegetables) not only help support depletions during menstruation, but they also help the body deal with premenstrual stress.
  • Take a epsom salt bath – Epsom salts are high in magnesium. Magnesium is in high demand premenstrually, and as mentioned can help relax muscles and reduce cramping.
  • Go for a walk  – Exercise can help to boost your mood by releasing endorphins, with bonus points if you can do this outside.
  • Eat extra – yes, you read that correctly. If your body is in demand for more calories, then give it more calories! You don’t have to go haywire – but 200-300 extra calories might just be enough to keep you feeling energetic and reduce the possibility of your mood falling down in the dumps.

eat nutrient dense food.png


Most importantly: go easy on yourself! Your body is amazing and is taking on a lot. Don’t feel too badly if you’re moody, needed a nap, or ate that extra piece of chocolate cake. Take care of yourself.

I’m curious to hear from you, reader! Do you get bad PMS symptoms? What do you do for it? Please feel free to share in the comments below!


How to Live Your Best Life

I am totally one of those people who gets sucked into reading something just for the headline. I’ve been click baited so many times: “OMG! She barely made it!” – I rush to click because I have to know: barely made what!?!

So let everyone not be surprised to know that the other day my coworker received an email with the link to an article on LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, I was intrigued. We want to live our best lives! So we embarked on a journey into the article to figure out what that was.

No word of a lie guys, the article was so terrible.

Apparently living my best life is waking up at 6 (I love mornings but come on), spending 2 hours commuting, and 9 hours working. NO JOKE! The work day on this hypothetical “best life scenario” is 9-6!!!!

For all of you out there working those hours, I feel you, and if it’s your dream I can totally… somehow… try to understand that.

But if I know anything for sure it’s that NO ONES DREAM LIFE includes a 2 hour commute!

Okay okay, I’ve knocked it enough. To be fair, the list did include exercise, gratitude, and eating healthy.

But the truth is, I wanted a better list. And it wasn’t going to come out of no where. Then I knew: If I wanted a better list, the onus was on me to make one.

So here we are: How to Live Your Best Life

1. Live with purpose. I think this can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Some have grande visions of being rich and famous, while others enjoy the simple pleasures of raising a beautiful family. It doesn’t matter what you’re chasing, but chase something. Have a reason to get up every morning – something that really drives you!

2. If you are going home to someone, let it be someone you love – and who loves you. I think so many of us get stuck in relationships and situations that no longer serve us. Nothing is better than going home to a warm hug at the end of the day.

3. Collect memories, not things. Most of the things we buy, we don’t actually need. And once they are bought, the euphoria of a new purchase falls away. But memories are beautiful. The memories we make stay with us. They bring us light on dark days. They give us a life to look back on.


That’s it. So simple. So wonderful!

I’d love to hear your input!

What’s your tip on living your best life?



Maybe I need Country Livin’.

I’m a city girl, born and bred. As a child, I had romanticized views about what it meant to live rurally – a farm filled with baby animals, a garden that practically tended to itself, a quiet, beautiful sunset, tea in hand.

But I have never truly experienced what it’s like. And as an adult, I’ve often wondered… how would life be if I couldn’t hit up the grocery store every day? Stop at Starbucks for a mid-afternoon caffeine fix? If I got snowed in all day? If everything in the closest town closed at 6 pm?

Last week, I got a taste of that while visiting my partner’s home province, Prince Edward Island. PEI is a small island nestled on the East Coast of Canada, so small if you didn’t set out to see it, you might miss it. With a population of about 142 thousand people on the whole island, most people only have a degree of separation between them, if any at all.

PEI is bursting with tourists in the summer months, whether coming by cruise ship, plane, or the confederation bridge by way of New Brunswick. In prior years, we had visited the island in the summer months. In the summer, there are no shortage of beaches to play on. It’s also great for people who enjoy being on the water, golf, or really, really good potatoes. The economy thrives on the summer tourism, and that being said not everything stays open year-round.

Until this fall trip, I don’t think I was able to truly appreciate with it had to offer. On previous visits, Matthew and I always got caught up in trying to get out on the beaches, fighting over the other visitors for a good place in the sun.

When we arrived last week, the weather was cool. The air was fresh, and smelled like the sea. With beachin’ it out of the question, and no particular sort of plans, we were left to our own devices in the slower pace of the island in the fall, which I had never experienced before.

Every morning, we drove the 60 seconds up the road it takes to get from Matthew’s moms, to his grandparents. There was no wifi – nothing to distract yourself with when you feel the need to occupy yourself. Family members would roll in and out of the house, bringing cookies for Ninny (as grandma is so affectionately known) or simply just to stop by to say hello.

The weather iffy, we had the wood burning stove on to heat the home and keep us warm. We would sit for a few hours in the old farm house and talk about everything – and nothing, and drink hot tea while the sun tried it’s darndest to be seen through the clouds.

In the afternoons, we would go out in search of coffee (my favourite activity). We spent the days going for walks, sometimes in town, sometimes in the odd pumpkin patch. We went thrift shopping, and ate french fries at the diner. We even went to the gym when we felt up to it. But no matter what we did  –  and this is the beautiful part – not once were we ever in a rush. We had no where to be, at least, not anywhere fast. And this seemed to be the consensus of the residents – something I am not used to seeing around Calgary.

In Calgary, everyone walks fast, eats fast, and drives faster. The more in a rush you are, the more socially praised you should be – because being busy is great, right? In this city, you almost get the feeling that you are ‘lesser than’ if you are not making yourself busy all the time. Yet settling into the slower island place felt natural to me. I don’t remember the last time I sat at home doing nothing – I spend a lot of days thinking about the next one with a sense of anxiety and urgency.

It didn’t take leaving for me to appreciate what we had there – a chance to slow down. PEI is a place where life is slower. Family time is cherished. The dirt is red, the plants grow with ease, and the children are polite. The people aren’t rich, but a stranger would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. People are nice, and I got the chance to breathe, and as simple as it all sounds it’s more than I could ask for.

Matthew and I discuss where we will live next, and are both keen on moving out of the city. I know city living has it’s perks, but there’s something about living in the country that’s always called to me. Maybe I need country livin’.


“Perfection” Pisses Me Off and This is Why

God, life is hard sometimes.

Like, it’s not enough to feel like a work horse all day just trying to make enough money to provide for yourself or your family, and cook and clean, and call your mom, and make sure that this time you make it to that coffee date you promised your pal you wouldn’t bail on this time… no.

Not only that, but we feel so much pressure to do all that and look perfect while doing it to.

Men and women are all under an immense amount of pressure every day to look “good”. And I’m not talking about that general sense of looking “put together”. I’m talking about juggling the complex aspects of our lives while looking absolutely tanned, toned, and perfect. An unscarred, unblemished body. A new outfit. A new haircut.

Perfect white teeth, perfect lips, perfect laugh. Perfect.

It’s pissing me off. It’s pissing me off because it’s not. real. And even though we know it’s not real and can accept that to some level, it is still a struggle when the images we take in daily through social media reflect such insanely high standards.

Maybe one day when I’m famous I’ll be able to pay a team of people to dress me, do my face, follow me around to knock pizza out of my hand, and make sure I look hot all the time. Even then, it’s not realistic to attain that “perfect” look. Because that perfect look isn’t real.

But it’s unlikely. What’s more likely is that I’ll probably continue to show up at work in my old leggings and grandpa sweater with my hair up in a bun. I care about looking good, but most days I find that I’m too busy creating and building a business to try and put on the appearance of perfection.

And the truth is that the older I get, the more I start to see how beautiful is actually just a state of mind. You might think if you looked like those stars you idolize, you’ll finally be happy. But do you know who are the most beautiful and happy people out there? The people who stopped giving a fuck what other people think of them. The people who know they are beautiful no matter what society tells them.


Me Eating Breakfast

So for me this pic is pretty much as real as it gets, that’s me eating breakfast in my boyfriend’s t-shirt. And no I don’t give AF about trying to be sexy, when there’s food around I’m only thinking about one thing (hint: it’s the food).

I’m 100% not afraid to share this. Firstly, because I think I’m pretty cute no matter what state I’m in. I don’t care if you like my piercings or my short hair or my baggy ass t-shirt, I’m not living for you I’m living for me.

Secondly, I have other things going for me, so even if I didn’t think I was cute (which I know I am) I know I have a lot more to offer the world. I’m actually pretty smart, and I’m kind. I’m a great listener and I’m hella empathetic (I will get on your level and live there). I’m also funny, at least I think so, and I have a great sense of humor I would probably laugh at your jokes too. So I’m happy with who I am. Blemishes and all.

We need to stop idolizing people based solely on the fact that they are totally hot. And don’t get me wrong, being totally hot is great. But I really don’t look up to anyone unless they have something inside I’m attracted to: inner joy, peace, ambition, enlightenment.

Imagine if the people in our society put as much work into improving their mind and growing spiritually as they did on their outer appearance. Man, that would be so cool. I think it’s possible if we reorganize our priorities (being nice> hotness) and embrace our individuality. We also need to stop, just STOP trying to be “perfect”. There’s no such thing. Isn’t that great? You can breathe now.

I love you all for the magical unique beings that you are. Never stop being you, if anything the world needs more of you to balance all of the other un-you stuff out there.

I hope you love yourself today.