Tofu & Black Rice 

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Hey #strongbabes !

I had this bomb – A meal the other night, and I wanted to share with you what it was and why I am really feelin’ these particular ingredients these days!

Tofu, dark rice, fermented carrots, and sesame seeds


Isn’t it beautiful?

The ingredients are so simple – but Imma break it down to what’s in here and why I love it so!

Tofu – I have loved tofu since my vegetarian days, and to this day it is a staple in my diet. They are a great source of protein – but be wary because soy is one of the most genetically modified foods – so when you buy tofu is it worth splurging on organic!

Dark brown rice – slower digesting than white rice, and therefore it doesn’t spike my blood sugar (no spike, no crash!). Also because it’s less refined, it hasn’t been stripped of it’s nutrients!

Fermented carrots – I am all about gut health right now, but my kombucha buying habit is getting expensive. So I decided to ferment some carrots to grow some gut happy bacteria myself. I fermented them with garlic and ginger, and they turned out phenomenal. I happily chopped a couple up and put them on this dish. If you are curious about fermented food check out this article from Wellness Mama sharing the benefits!

Sesame seeds – sesame seeds are full of b-vitamins and also aid in digestion. Plus it adds a little extra protein!

To add a little zing I topped it with The Naam Miso Gravy – my favourite sauce from my favourite restaurant in Vancouver! They sell it here at most of the local health food stores (thank god!)

Nothing is better than eating a good meal that tastes good and also leaves you feeling good after!

Are you guys tofu fans or no?

Thanks for dropping by babes!