Netflix Review: “What’s with Wheat”




I find food trends fascinating, and I would be interested in getting a show of hands as to how many people have or have tried – heck even considered giving up wheat or gluten this year.

It’s everywhere. I mean, you can’t walk around the grocery store without seeing gluten free labels slapped on almost anything. After all, it’s what consumers these days are looking for. Wheat has gotten a bad rap, and for that reason many people want to give it up.

What I enjoyed about this documentary is that it digs deeper to answer some of the questions as to WHY anyone should give up wheat, beyond just the general sense of it being ‘better for your health’. It starts at the very root of it – literally.

So does wheat get the bad rap it deserves? Watch the documentary and you decide. As the movie expresses, since the way wheat has been manufactured has changed so profoundly, allergies and sensitivities related to wheat seem to have sky-rocketed.



Should you take wheat out of your diet? Without knowing you well enough, I can’t answer that. Perhaps watching this film could help you figure it out?

What I do know for sure is that education is key – and what we need to do as consumers is be educating ourselves on what we are putting in our bodies. For instance, many of us have no idea how wheat is grown, or how many different products wheat can be found in.

At only just over an hour long, this documentary will provide you with a little extra knowledge that may help you improve your health so I say: give it a watch – Standing Strong Wellness approved.

I’m 27! 

Hey everyone!

My birthday just passed a couple of days ago, and guess what? I’m 27!

I thought I would share with you guys some of the highlights of my birthday!

In the morning my twin sister came over and we made breakfast together

Afterwards, she, my boyfriend and I all went to this beautiful new eatery called ‘Alforno’. They make amazing coffee! And I absolutely had to have a good cup on my birthday!

I love how they let customers pour out their milk and cream through this old beer tap! Such a cute touch!

Afterwards we spent some time outside, it has been amazingly beautiful out in Calgary for this time of year!

My sister strolling in the Inglewood bird sanctuary

Matthew and I enjoying the scenery

For lunch we went for pizza, I had cheese-less pizza on gluten-free crust! There was chicken, eggplant, and artichokes on this one.

It wasn’t half bad! Going dairy free has been an adventure so far. As much as I miss cheese, it was worth it to not feel yucky or any kind of sick after!

Matthew took me for seafood for dinner, here I am all dressed up!

I had the crab cakes

Matthew had fish and chips, honestly the lightest fish and chips I’ve ever had!

Oh and I can’t forget this:

My birthday gift from Matthew! She’s so beautiful, and I’m so spoiled. I named her Scarlet. It’s going to be an amazing spring and summer zipping around on her!

Birthdays have always been hard for me, and this was the first year that I truly relaxed and enjoyed the day!

Thanks for keeping up with me!