COOKED – Netflix Series Review

I can list of a number of reasons why I love Netflix, but a big one in particular would have to be how easily available it has made documentaries to me.

I typically watch documentaries about animals, nature, or crime. It is on the rare occasion that a documentary about cooking would appeal to me, but for some reason Cooked caught my eye.

The 4-part docu-series is based off of the book, also called Cooked, by Michael Pollan. I recognized Micheal Pollan from other documentaries on health and nutrition I had watched, and I think that is why I decided to give one a try.

I’m so glad I did.

I’m no culinary genius; I’m no pro in the kitchen. Even when I follow recipes, I don’t always get it right. If any of that resonates with you, you will still love this series. Because Cooked isn’t about the act of cooking, it’s about the meaning of cooking. It’s a journey through time that helps explain why we are the way that we are, through food.

The series is broken up into Fire, Water, Air, and Earth elements. It ties the intricacies of cooking together so simply that I not only understood, but was inspired. I don’t want to give away too much, but I do want to acknowledge why I valued this series so much.

It reminded me that we cook for a reason. Cooking is memories, it’s traditions. It’s recipes passed down for generations. It’s taking care of ourselves and our nutrition first, instead of rolling through the quickest drive through out of convenience. It’s time that we give away – you could call it a payment for something even more rewarding: our health.It’s knowing what’s exactly in our food. Cooking brings people together. Cooking is love.

I decided to bring more love into my life through cooking. I found an enthusiasm for it that I never had before. I mean, I’ve enjoyed it in the past. But now I’m on a deeper level with it.

I made this for breakfast today! Eggs with turkey bacon, spinach, red pepper, dill, and nutritional yeast.

Last nights dinner was chicken with potatoes (dairy-free) and mirepoix mash.

Morning matcha shake with ginger chia seed pudding and coconut.

Instead of stopping out to eat after the gym the other night, I put together this late snack – fish and rice on nori wraps with homemade peanut sauce.

I am re-framing the way I look at food after watching the series. I don’t think of it as labor, I think of it as an expression of love. Not only for others, but also for my own body.

I highly recommend watching it!

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