I started working out in the “womens only” area of the gym… and I love it.

Hey all you wonderful people!

So, I go to Goodlife and have been for about a year now. As far as gyms go in general, I like it. What I don’t like is how busy and overcrowded the gyms always seem to be! And I’m not just talking about the GoodLife that I mostly go to, from what I hear this is the case in most of them! Like, unless you show up at 3 am on a Wednesday you are going to have to make adjustments to your routine based on what’s available. I get that, and I’m okay with it for the most part.

But the other day, I wondered, is it this busy in the women’s area? It’s hard to tell from the main area because it’s actually in a small room up a flight of stairs. I thought to myself: should I check it out?

My ego jumped in: “Why would you go up there? It’s not like you’re afraid to work out with the big boys. You don’t wanna look afraid, do you!?”

Then I realized, hey – I’m not afraid to be seen in the main area! And this is in no way motivated by my anxiety. This is just me wanting a smoother, more seamless workout. So up to the women’s area I go.


The women’s area has almost everything you could possibly need for any workout (would love a bench press but ok). And just as I had hoped, way less busy up there! During most my workouts, the same to girls who come together are usually up there as well doing their thing. We all seem to move about and around one another pretty well. No stress! No waiting! No fighting for space.

There is also enough privacy that I hope to be filming some videos and putting them up there from time to time! 

I’m glad I checked in on myself AND my ego. My workouts are better as a result 🙂 

Thanks for reading! 


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