Strong to the Finish Challenge – Week 10 

Hey beautiful babes, I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

At the moment I’m a bit swamped with work, and it can be easy to get to be feeling overwhelmed. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! My boyfriend and I have the weekend off and are going on a little getaway! Neither of us can wait. We could both use a little time to unwind! The details of that will be included in next weeks post.

Week 10 : I’ll remember this as the week that I broke 125 lbs on the scale and finally made it for a morning (usually when check) weigh in of 123!

When you are trying to hard and seriously giving it your all, it feels SO GOOD to finally be making some progress in the right direction. Last week it was my goal to up the cardio and see if that helped, which I absolutely followed through on and I’m glad I did. I have been following my diet almost perfectly, and I really have to thank my boyfriend in part for that as he hooked me up with some amazing low carb home cooked meals last week.

It made me realize that support is paramount when embarking on a challenge like this. That doesn’t mean that others need to do the challenge with you, but having people support you and cheer you on is so motivating.

Matthew and I post-workout and HUNGRY!

Only 2 weeks left to go. Staying on track this weekend is going to be so important! We are planning on packing food for the road and I know for me that really goes a long way.

One thing I think a lot of people who are dieting worry about this losing their gains, and I am getting to that point. Like, I worked so hard all winter! I really don’t want to see any of that go to waste! I started using this product by Muscletech called “Clear Muscle”, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to help with. Dear Muscletech, please help me preserve my gains! I want to show off all the hard work I put in all winter long!

If the goal of this challenge is to beat our previous “best”, I am already there. I have moments where I feel like I’m not making progress at all, and then I look back to pictures of 10 weeks ago and I’m like woah!

I’m feeling motivated just talking about it, I can’t wait to make it to the gym later!!

Little snack at work: Nuts, pickles, and tuna. Protein, healthy fats, and well – I guess I just wanted something salty and the pickles help to quench that craving!

Smoothie bowls are life, am I right? They have seriously become my “go-to” for any time of day. So many dieters would stay away from a smoothie bowl because a banana is a “high carb” fruit. Lucky me – my body loves fruit and practically just absorbs it’s magical awesomeness without the carb value holding me back in any way. It’s a banana guys! Not a double grilled cheese sandwhich. A banana. This is what works for me. It may not work for everyone and that’s okay! End rant.

Last night for dinner I made tofu – normally I would eat it with rice but it was actually pretty amazing on a bed of lettuce with some peppers. Kept it simple.

My goal for this week is to not fall off the wagon, but to still enjoy myself over the weekend. I am looking forward to having one meal with some kind of complex carb while on vacation, and that is almost a treat enough for me! Overall I am feeling really focused right now, and excited about things to come.

2 more weeks – gotta keep getting shredded!!

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