September Fitness Update 

Hey #strongbabes , can I just level with you for a minute? 

One of my biggest fears right now is that I’m going to lose myself in school so far that I become the most boring person on the planet. I mean, it is time consuming. It could easily become the only thing I do. And then I’ll have nothing to talk about. Except school of course. 

The truth is, I haven’t had time for much else lately. 

Of course, I’m just being hard on myself. Because I also blog, spend time with friends, work out, and make most of my food from scratch. I guess I’ve just noticed I’ve been doing less of those things lately. 

And I mean, worst case scenario I become super boring for 9 months, TOPS, while I move toward getting my career going and really that’s not so bad.

Oh yeah, I’m here to talk about fitness right? 

Check it out! The picture above is me on a good day! With my sensitive body I’m never really sure what I’m going to get haha! 

Right now I am the healthiest I have been in years. But I’m not the “fittest”. It’s so crazy because of course we want those two things to go hand in hand, but they don’t always, sometimes you feel AWESOME but you look okay, sometimes you look AWESOME but you feel like poop.

What I’m trying to find is that perfect formula, where my interior and exterior meet in an awesome eruption of muscular explosion and I look like a bodybuilding machine. I haven’t found it yet, but when I do I’ll let you know! 

morning leanness is fun

All that being said, I’m simply in an adjustment phase. I’m used to working out almost every day; now it will be more like 3 or 4 days a week. I mean, that’s more than good enough. It’s phenomenal actually, considering that I am also in school and working full time. 

Right now I am working out for energy, plain and simple. But Matthew and I may be doing a fitness challenge together next month… So stay tuned!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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