What’s the ship that never sinks?



Now that I’ve put you all through that horrible joke (still my favourite though) we can move on.

On a serious note, sometimes those ships do sink. As I learned this week, friendships take work, just like any other relationship. But done well, the payoff is amazing.

Let me catch you up to speed. My friend Brittany came all the way out from PEI to surprise me on Tuesday. I was sitting at home working away on the computer when Matthew comes home, Brittany in tow. He had just picked her up from the airport – my jaw dropped.

It was emotional – but in the best possible way. She had mentioned coming out here when I saw her in the summer, but you know how it is… There are more excuses to stay home then to visit your friend on the other side of the country … Aren’t there? People get busy, and as bad as they want to see you, even living in the same city, it doesn’t ever happen as often as we hope.
The past week it was awesome having a girl around, especially for the sake of doing “girly stuff”. We talked (about everything), we shopped, we went on a dinner date. We made the most of the time that we had together. But aside from being able to do all that, I mostly think I just enjoyed being in such close proximity to such a wonderful human being.

Britt is one of those people who enters the room like the blazing sun. She is full of energy and makes friends everywhere she goes. She’s kind and giving, and it’s awful that she has to live so far away.
The funny thing is, we know no other way. We actually met on Instagram almost two years ago. I think we were drawn to each other in a way that made us instant friends. She’s also from the same province as Matthew, and they had “known of” one another for a long time. We met in person only once before this – again the instantaneous connection was imminent, as it was easy to see just how comfortable we felt around one another.
The best part of this experience was simply the incredible amount of love I felt from it. I have never had anyone go so far out of their way to surprise me. I never thought any friend would – my expectations are pretty reasonable, and this was above and beyond. Brittany said “I treat my friendships like any other relationship” – and I think that is evident in the true love and care she puts into them.

I feel special. And for once I really don’t know what else to say.
So if you were curious about my absence the past week, this explains it. I’m back to my wonderful (but difficult) routine. And yes, I miss her already.



Thanks for catching up with me everyone!

I’ll be back with more posts this week – stay tuned! 

5 responses to “#friendshipgoals”

  1. How cool?!?!
    I used to have a really good friend like that. She and I were practically inseparable.
    I miss her, but we fell out of touch years ago…so, keep your friend! 😀


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