September Update

Do you ever look back and realize how many of your seemingly insignificant decisions and small daily steps have actually led up to something much bigger? As if all along, you never knew these small things would matter, and all of a sudden the universe comes together to show you: they really do.

That’s been the past month for me.
Last time I checked in with you guys, I was waiting to hear news of whether I would be graduating from my program this month or not. Well, I am one week away from being, officially, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. When I heard the news, I jumped up and down. I am so pumped.

I have been working on a project for the past couple of months, and I also have exciting news to share – but I think I’ll finish graduation before I spill the beans…

I know, how awful of me! Amazing things have been happening, but timing is everything, so I’ll share when the timing is right! Plus, I love keeping you all in suspense.


You know, the other day, I had someone ask me if keeping up with a blog is hard. I answered yes, but I’m not sure that’s what I meant – what I meant is that it’s work. But it’s work that I love. The work means staying creative, coming up with posts ideas, and making sure I keep the aesthetic fresh. But I really do love it.

I couldn’t imagine my weeks going by without it. I enjoy the creative process including taking pictures and brainstorming ideas – I love communicating with you guys and sharing ideas. Two years ago I never thought I’d say this, but I’m a dedicated blogger and I love it.

Life outside of the blog has been great this past month. As some of you know, I’ve been practicing to get my Drivers License over the last month. I need to practice my parallel parking (any tips??) – and I take my test next week! Because of my anxiety I’ve gotten into the driving game late, but I’m determined to meet my goal of passing the drivers test – before it gets way way too cold out there to drive my scooter – hah!

Speaking of anxiety, I did have a panic attack a couple of days ago – for the first time in months. Even though I’ve been through it a million times before, this particular situation was tough for me to swallow. I felt like I’d come so far, only to fail. I felt like I let myself down. Ruined. 

Then I realized that having a panic attack is not letting myself down, but falling, and staying there, would be. So after a day of sulking and sadness, I decided to bounce back.

You know, we only get this one life. And even though I have to cope with anxiety, I never want to look back on my days and think “that was a struggle” or “I was so sad”. I want to focus on the good. And the good is that I was, and am, doing so well with it. What I’m doing is working, and I should keep going.


Well, one week from today I will be at my graduation ceremony! I’m grinning just writing that. There are so many great things to come. Big hugs to you all, can’t wait to catch up with you for October’s exciting update!


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