What to do when Opportunity Knocks 

I had an opportunity come my way recently that was practically begging to be taken. But even knowing this, I found my reaction to it somewhat intriguing.

You see, instead of being excited, or even motivated, I was quite the opposite. I was terrified. Terrified that I wouldn’t be good enough for it. Even more terrified that actually I would be, and maybe I would have to follow through.

Long story short, and thanks to encouragement from my partner, I jumped at it. It was like jumping off an emotional cliff, and hoping there was water on the other side, instead of a pile of rocks.

What I find so interesting is that we long to see ourselves become successful, but shy away from the challenges that lead us there. When we tread into unfamiliar territory, we back away.

I wanted to back away.

When opportunity knocked, I almost locked the deadbolt and hid under my bed.

What I should have done is remembered that all great things are difficultly made. And the things that scare us are sometimes the things we need to do the most.

When opportunity knocks, what are you going to do? Are you going to open that door?

I say you grab those double doors and swing them open. If it’s a battle on the other side, so be it. It’s worth taking the risk. It’s worth going for it. All that might be left there, right on your doorstep, is a beautiful gift.


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