#betterskin challenge – Week 4

Oh my goddddd WHYYYYY. 

That’s what I thought the other day when I saw my face. Another huge breakout. Why?! These past couple of weeks I have been so diligent!

And then I remembered: the other night… all the fun – all the food! And how I accidentally ate dairy (dun dun dunnnn). In my defense, the restaurant I went to with my sister was new territory for me, so I wasn’t familiar with the menu. I should have said something to the waitress about my dairy sensitivity, but I didn’t. Amateur move.

The next morning (I kid you not) I wake up with huge welt-like blemishes on my face. A lot of people, when they eat something they are sensitive or allergic to, experience gastrointestinal problems. I get a little of that, but most of the consequence for me is inflammation, and acne.

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Knowing I had this post coming up, I felt so let down. I wanted to be at a better place by now – (hello – it’s called the #betterskin challenge!) but it looked like that wasn’t in the cards for me.

So I had to give myself a little peptalk. Like what’s up girl, this is not the time to get discouraged! I have formed some really awesome habits, and I know if I hang in there I am going to get the results I’m working for.

So here’s the deal – I was going to do this challenge for 4 weeks – but I really think it deserves one more week. The groundwork is there, I just need a little more time for the inflammation to come down and for these blemishes to heal.

That being said, I won’t be doing adding anything else to my routine – I feel at this point it is pretty well rounded, and I’m happy with the habits I established! Especially the one last week of upping the fat. My skin is more supple and moisturized than it’s ever been this especially dry time of year!

I hope you guys will join me next week for the final update!


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One thought on “#betterskin challenge – Week 4

  1. Don’t beat yourself up 🙂 You’ll get there 😀
    I’m dairy intolerant too although I’ve never paid attention to it’s relation with my skin, I definitely get bad stomachs when I do eat it. Saying that though if I think back to my dairy days I probably do get less spots now in comparison.
    Anyway good luck with your challenge! Can’t wait to read more! xo


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