Kombucha is the New Pop

I’m like sooooo over pop RN.

No really, this year I’ve done a serious upgrade.

I used to be in love (semi-serious relationship) with coke zero. Zero calories, but doesn’t taste like hairspray like it’s sibling, Diet Coke.

Then, I got myself some knowledge and realized that calories are not the end-all be-all of health and nutrition… and all of the bad stuff in my coke zero was probably going to outweigh any good.

You see, most pop is really just fizzy sugar water. It rots your teeth, contributes to inflammation, and messes with your blood sugar. This we all know. Most diet pop, I realize now, is fizzy sugar-alternative water that rots your teeth, contributes to inflammation, and messes with your blood sugar.

Coke Zero is one of the worst offenders, because it not only had all of those qualities, but it also contains asking aspartame, which is a neurotoxin (a fancy word for saying it kills your brain).


Last year I thought to myself “I’ve had it!”, and I set my standards higher. I wanted a tasty, fizzy beverage that was also going to be good for me. Is that too much to ask?

Turns out, no.

Kombucha has gained wild popularity over the last couple of years, with companies both local and international popping up all over the place. Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that is naturally fizzy. It aids in digestion, elimination, and detoxification.

How? Well it contains strains of healthy bacteria that can help rebalance your gut flora. Repopulating your gut with healthy bacteria, and crowding out the bad stuff, can aid in elimination. And lastly, the antioxidants found in kombucha can be liver protective, thereby aiding in detoxification.

It also tastes darn good, although I will say that some brands have a stronger taste than others, I will admit that I actually enjoy the more potent ones. Most brands do a classic ginger, which is always a favourite. Other great ones I’ve tried include Hibiscus Rose Hips by Rise Kombucha, Trilogy by GTS Kombucha, and Hard Lime by Wild Tea Kombucha.

Are you guys into kombucha? What are your favourites?






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