January Update

Every single month of 2017 was a whirlwind, and it looks like 2018 will be no exception.

Can I complain? Heck no! I’ve had some really amazing things happen in January and I’m so excited to share it all with you guys!

Most notably I had a visit this month from someone I’ve known on social media for what feels like forever! My California Girl, Kim, affectionately known as LaLa, booked a last minute trip to Canada and made a stop in my city, Calgary.

It was really cool meeting her and getting to know her in person – and she is seriously one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Also we had spectacular weather (for this time of year) so she didn’t freeze to death! It was a great excuse to get out of my routine and go have some fun.

We spent one day driving out to Lake Louise – it was snowy and beautiful. We explored the hotel, walked on the lake (and hoped we didn’t fall in!), and stopped for a bite in Banff on our way home. Oh, and of course we took some pics too!

Isn’t she freakin’ adorable?

Now for the less fun part – the hard part – the part that no one ever wants to talk about: going into the first FULL YEAR of running Standing Strong Wellness Nutritional Consulting. I am officially one month in, so maybe this is premature to say, but this challenge is the biggest hardest most difficult thing I have ever done.

I am making a slow (and I mean slowwwww) exit of a job I have loved for years – one I am so comfortable in, to dance with the unknown. Owning your own business doesn’t come with a steady paycheck. It doesn’t come with any degree of certainty – especially when it’s new. And if I’m being totally honest, that scares me.

Not having anything to fall back on is scary.

But with the love and support of the community around me, as well as from my friends and family, I made it this far. And I continue ever forward.

My plan for this year is simply to connect with more people and help more people. To really and truly create a community of supportive Strong Babes, so that when any one of us comes to a point such as this, we know we always have each other.


We have good days. We have bad days. We have slow months – and we have whirlwind months. We have easy tasks, and challenging mountains to climb.

But no matter what, we keep moving forward!

And if you made it this far, thank you very much. One month down, a million more at SSW to go.



6 responses to “January Update”

  1. I am SOOOO excited for you!!! Jen, you are such a role model of mine, I’m sure you’re new business is going to be taking off the ground, soaring to the heights, allllllll the cliches of SUCCESS in no time. EEEK! This is amazing. So proud of you for going out of your comfort zone too. Thanks for sharing this with us ❤


  2. Hello my fellow Canadian! 🇨🇦😀 I’m in Manitoba! Great post! Congrats on your Nutritional Consulting business! 👍🏽👍🏽 Change definitely has it’s difficulties. It’s not always a smooth transition, especially with a learning curve involved. It’s also scary as shit. I’m going through a similar situation, so I feel you. All the best! Great post!


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