August Update: In Reterospect

This afternoon I did nothing but drink iced coffee and soak up some rays. Spoiler alert: things are great.

But they haven’t always been lately. Let’s take a step back and talk about August – in retrospect.

Ahhh what a joy it is to look back. Everything is clearer in retrospect. It’s great but it also kinda bites. June and July were so highly stressful for me; I wish I could go back and tell myself to worry less.

That’s just how it works – looking back allows for perspective, clarity. I know things now. I know things I wish I had known last month. For instance, that we’d move out and everything would be okay. That the small things I cried about actually didn’t matter. That I will get through it and it will all be worth it once the craziness of it all was over.

I’m not even sure I could go back and read my old blog posts because I feel like a new me. And that’s okay. It’s more than okay to outgrow and old state of mind.

We have been in PEI for over a week now. If you’ve never travelled here, I highly recommend it. It is lush, lively, and beautiful. The vibe is really calm and no-rush. And lucky for us, winter starts a little later here than the rest of Canada. Back in Calgary it’s snowing – here I can’t get into a bathing suit fast enough.

As this is my fourth visit here, I can already feel myself settling in. Comfort is great, but in my mind I know in less than two weeks we’ll be back on the road again to continue our travels south. Things I’m looking out for along the way: the best plant-based food and the best coffee. I’d love to hear your recommendations – specifically in Texas, Arizona, and California!

I guess we’re just chasing the sun – with some treats along the way. As the coolness sets in on the Northern Hemisphere and it’s residents prepare for longer nights, all I can think is: sun and sand. And trust me, Athena is on the same page…


There have been some trials and tribulations of travel thus far – ensuring the dogs have a place to run, trying not to get too sleep deprived, balancing the priorities I have for this venture with the one’s that my partner has. Would you guys like to know a bit more about those? Let me know in the comments here if that’s something you’ll be interested in.

Am I in super-chill-relax-no-issues-anything-goes mode? It’s a goal, but heck no. I’ve always been a driven busy-body. I have trouble doing nothing. The thing is I don’t always want to feel like I need to be productive or need to be getting stuff done. It’s something I’m working on.

I would like to take 5 minutes each day to sit and do nothing – I think that’s a great starting goal for me.


The next time you hear from me, I’ll be somewhere entirely new! I can’t wait to share more pictures and experiences with you.

Thanks for stopping by babe!

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6 responses to “August Update: In Reterospect”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned about not reading old blog posts. Sometimes I’ve looked back on mine, and I realised my entire view point has changed. These photos are great! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself and I’m the same – trying to find more times to relax.


  2. I just love everything about this post and you! Your hair, outfit, everything is on point. I’d love to read more posts about your pups & life in general! What a great month & I think I may adopt that goal of 5 mins/day doing nothing. Thanks for sharing, Jen !


    • Awww thats so sweet! Thanks Mackenzie. Sometimes I’m not sure how much to share, but when it comes to reading longerish posts I actually love it. Maybe I’ll go a little more in depth next month 🙂


  3. I’m so excited to follow along with your guys’ adventures, Jen! Thank you for sharing with those of us filled with wanderlust but who haven’t quite made that jump into fulfilling it. ❤


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