Best Supplements of 2019

When I first started learning about supplements, I felt so lost! I didn’t even know where to begin. I started with protein bars from Popeye’s Supplements, and as fate would have it, I ended up working at that exact store for over 4 years.

Now obviously in that time, I was bound to learn a lot. That environment, paired with my passion for health and Certification in Holistic Nutrition, has lead me to make very informed choices when it comes to supplements.

I’ve tried a lot of different products, in and out of the workplace. Popeye’s Supplements is focused more so towards sport supplements, but I often did branch out to try the more holistic products from the local health food store.

I should also mention: this isn’t the first time I’ve shared my favourite supplement. But it’s been a few years, and my regimen has definitely changed. It’s practically been perfected. I’m serious you guys – I’ve got this down PAT.

In realizing that, I thought to myself: it’s time. In this post, I’m sharing my current, can’t-live-without supplements for 2019. I will be sharing the brands that I prefer as well. However, this post is not sponsored, nor am I being compensated for sharing any of these products with you. This is an honest list of supplements that I’m using right now!


Dehyglicerrized Licorice

I started using dehyglicerrized licorice when I developed an ulcer last year. Wow, did this ever help! Licorice is really useful for helping to settle your stomach. This isn’t a supplement that I keep it around for every day use, but I use it as-needed, like when my stomach is upset or I’m feeling some reflux. If you have a sensitive stomach like me, I highly recommend it. Do note that some people are extra sensitive to licorice, and can only tolerate it in very small amounts! If you’re trying it for the first time, try a half tablet. I’ve shared this with family and friends because it works so well, especially in place of conventional stomach acid inhibitors (think those brightly colored chewables that are over-the-counter), which can be damaging to the digestive tract when used long-term.

The brand I use: Natural Factors


Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil has been featured on the blog before, because I really wanted to share it with you guys. There has been a lot of buzz around this oil lately – mainly it’s immune boosting properties. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. If you can get past the herbaly-flavour (I actually like it!) then it’s great to include as an overall health support. My favourite way to consume Black Seed Oil is mixed in decaf green tea with a bit of honey, for extra immune support.

The brand I use: Enerex



Ashwagandha is a long-standing favourite, and I use it specifically for my anxiety. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, so it helps to regulate cortisol, thus balancing mood. I love it as a natural support to help promote a more stable mood. Bonus: it’s also an anti-inflammatory, so it can help reduce inflammation in the body overall. Since inflammation is another factor that seems to trigger my anxiety, this is a win-win! It can be bought in raw, powdered, or capsule form. I love getting the powder and mixing it into an elixir or a smoothie.

The brand I use: Organic Traditions



Maca is another adaptogen in my arsenal, and thus like the ashwagandha it does help with anxiety as well. There are also studies that have shown that maca helps with endurance and energy production. While I take other adaptogens to help balance mood with a focus on relaxation, I actually take maca with a focus on energy. Because maca can be stimulating, I tend to use it in the morning or early afternoon. Maca can be purchased in capsules or powder, but I buy it in powder form to mix into elixirs or smoothie. I love the honeycomb flavour, so I will also include it in my homemade chocolate as well.

The brand I use: Vega


Liquid B-Complex

I don’t know what took me so long, but I’m finally using a good quality liquid B-complex. Guys, if you’re not using this yet, get on it! B-vitamins are important for metabolism and energy production at the cellular level. B-vitamins help digest carbohydrates. There’s so much that these vitamins do – there is a reason why they are absolutely essential to human function.

So many of us are depleted of b-vitamins and don’t even know it. This is because over time, our soil has become depleted of these necessary nutrients. Supplementing is always a good idea – as you can’t overdo it – your body will excrete any unused b-vitamins through the urine. You don’t have to take the liquid form, but I prefer it as I’m not a fan of capsules. Also buy b-vitamins as a complex as opposed to single form, as they do compete for absorption.

The brand I use: Natural Wellbeing


I’m so happy that I finally had the time to share this list with you guys! If supplementing isn’t something you often do, I highly recommend it. Even with a good diet, a little supplementation can go a long way.

I would love to hear if you are using any of these supplements yet, and what you think of them. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time!



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