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Why are you Depressed? 

Like many other things in mental health, depression is multifaceted – there are many signs, symptoms, explanations, and origins behind depression. It cannot be explained simply. It can’t be encompassed simply, and it shouldn’t be treated simply. So why are you depressed? A lot of the stigma that still has a stronghold on mental health… Continue reading Why are you Depressed? 

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Chasing the High 

It’s okay; we’re all doing it. You know, looking for that feeling. The rush, the euphoria – that feeling… like you’re invincible. Chasing the high. So how do you chase yours? Many people turn to alcohol to chase the feeling. Other’s indulge in various types of drugs. Some even get that high off of manipulating… Continue reading Chasing the High 

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Beat the Holiday Bloat! 3 TOTALLY FREE ways to improve your digestion.  

Beating the bloat this time of year isn’t easy – with the holidays fast approaching we begin eating stuff that isn’t normally in our day-to-day diet. Cakes, cookies, and other Christmas treats. I would never tell you to skip out on those! But I do want to pass on to you 3 totally free ways… Continue reading Beat the Holiday Bloat! 3 TOTALLY FREE ways to improve your digestion.  

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The Benefits of Grounding

Hey city dwellers: have you ever noticed that sometimes getting out of the city just makes you feel better? I am filled with a sense of gratitude and relief every time I get the chance to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air. Sometimes, I even take my shoes off. Let my feet touch the ground,… Continue reading The Benefits of Grounding