August Update – Take My Money

When I got my very first job at 14, my Mom encouraged me to save 10% from each and every paycheque. I remember that talk distinctly – I remember having every intention of doing so. But intentions mean nothing, and I never did save that 10% from every pay day. But if I had gotten into that habit, I wonder where I might be in life today…

Because really, I could have used that this month. Like, BAD.

At the beginning of August, we made plans to drive out to the Okanagan to see my Grandma. I’ve been missing her like crazy. I kid you not, we were about 3 or 4 hours away, surrounded in the nook of the mountains, and I just let out the deepest exhale. I paused to myself, after what had been a stressful week, and thought “everything is going to be ok”.

Then our transmission broke. (!!!). Beyond fixing. The diagnosis was TERMINAL. No longer drive-able. We couldn’t even make it home. It was done.

We ended up spending the entire weekend scrambling to find a new vehicle, stuck in a small town and ready to settle on the next best thing. Our options were limited.

It was a stressful time, but once all was settled, I really felt like we got our bearings again.

One week later, the transmission in our new vehicle started to slip. It was all downhill from there. Before the month was over, we would have to get rid of this vehicle too.

I know this is a wild story, but I CANNOT make this stuff up! I mean I could, but isn’t it way more exciting when it’s real life stuff? I feel like I emptied by bank account into my hands and threw it up in the air to the universe as if to say “Here – TAKE MY MONEY!”.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this. Firstly, always be prepared. I live life flying by the seat of my pants most of the time. Thank goodness for my partner, or who is always thinking ahead. We were able to navigate our way through this without totally screwing ourselves financially.

The second lesson here is that life happens. You can make all of the plans that you want, but there are some things in life that just cannot be anticipated. You’ve got to roll with the punches. Learning to be adaptable has saved me so much stress in the long run.

Although not your typical update post, I hope you enjoyed! Other than that, you didn’t miss much. I spent all my time doing two things: working, or beachin’ it (a little more on the workin’ side than I would have liked, but that’s how it goes!) .

How was your August?

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