Make it Happen Monday

Another HAPPY MONDAY, how about that?

Just doing the work is only part of the battle. It’s really all about the spirit behind it.

Going through the motions will never get you the result that you want. What will?

Passion. Being driven. Being compelled from deep within yourself to do what you do.

It’s all about channelling that energy into your work, because trust me, it will show through!

And if you need a little extra motivation this week, this video is getting me so pumped right now. Check it out if you need it!



It’s time to make it happen! Work hard, work consistent, work with PASSION. It makes you unstoppable.


3 Ways to Get Inspired in the Kitchen

If you’re intimidated to even step foot in the kitchen, this subject is going to be so relatable for you. However, even the most practiced cooks have lulls in the kitchen, and it’s totally normal. Energy and imagination towards what you do in the kitchen can ebb and flow, however there are some things you can do to get back into the groove again.

I am neither novice nor professional – just a self-taught wellness enthusiast who finds zen in the kitchen like no place else. But I do have times where I feel like I get stuck in a rut: I don’t know what to make, I don’t feel inspired, I don’t feel motivated. There are some tricks I use to get back into it, and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

3 Ways to Get Inspired in the Kitchen


1 – Find a New Recipe that Excites You

When I need a boost to get my butt back in the kitchen, I scour the internet (or Instagram!) for an idea that appeals to me. I will check out websites I frequent for recipes, or see what I can find on Pinterest – I don’t have many recipe books on hand but if you do, blow the dust off of them and take a look! There may be a gem in there waiting to be discovered.

Sometimes finding a recipe that was totally someone else’s idea takes the weight off of you. It allows you to cook something you will love and enjoy, while alleviating the pressure of feeling like you need to be a creative genius and come up with something amazing on your own. Nonsense!

I do have a few “go-to’s” for recipes – here they are if you want to check them out…

Of course, we do have some recipes here as well… check out my most popular to date: Buffalo Chickpea Patties! 



2 – Have a Friend Cook for You

We all have that one friend who’s cooking is way outta this world. Like any good friend, I’m sure they would be happy to share a meal with you – and if you sweet talk your way into it, maybe they will even make that meal for you.

In the kitchen, we so often get stuck in our own way of doing things. We have habits – we use the same methods, similar ingredients, the same blend of spices, and eventually it can be difficult to get outside of our own box.

That’s why I love seeing other people work their magic in the kitchen first hand. It shows me a different way of going about cooking. It invites in new ideas. It also saves me from cooking for a night, and I don’t mind that every now and then.

So have a friend cook for you. Ask them for their speciality, or their favourite dish. You could always offer them a hand, but let them take the wheel, and get a fresh perspective on a meal.


3 – Cook For Your Loved Ones

If you’re feeling bored in the kitchen, getting in there and making food for a bunch of people may not sound that appealing. However, when it’s cooking for people you love, the game changes.

That’s because food is love. It’s an expression of our affection for the people in our lives. When we cook for ourselves, sometimes it’s just about sustenance. When we cook for family or friends, it’s about joy. It’s about showing love and appreciation. It’s about company, and laughter.

Allowing yourself to channel those emotions into your dish (or dishes!) can be reinvigorating, and may be just what you need to feel inspired again. Not only will it be a refreshing way of motivating yourself, but your loved ones will have an amazing meal to look forward to.


I hope that these tips have helped you! Lulls and times of discouragement are normal, so don’t let it get you down. Try one of these tips, and you’ll be back with your apron on in no time.



Why Being Positive Is Not What You Think It Is.

I know what you’re thinking.

Most people have this idea that being a positive person means having a relentlessly sunny disposition. If you’re positive you wake up in the morning, the birds are chirping, your don’t have bed head, and your coffee pours itself. Wow!

There is this perspective that being a positive person means never having a bad day. You have no problems or issues in your life. You fly high with a natural energy 24/7. And that coffee that poured itself? You actually don’t need it because you feel great all the time.

And with this preconceived notion I have to say: I whole-heartedly disagree.

Being a positive person means that even though you have bad days, you’ve learned to find the small redeeming moments in them. Sometimes means that you accept the challenges of life because you’ve learned to see the opportunity in the struggle. Being a positive person is more about having the ability to enjoy the little things in life, like when all the lights are green for you that morning or a stranger smiles at you.

Positivity isn’t about perfection – you don’t have to be perfect! You don’t have to be exuding joy and smiling all the time to see yourself as a genuinely positive person. It’s all about your focus. What does your energy and attention go towards? Does it tend towards the hard parts of life, or mostly the good stuff (big or small)?

You can’t always have good days. The more you dwell on what’s happened, the more you will stay stuck where you are. Choose to move forward and redeem the day. Now you are a positive person!



Lets pretend that you’ve been looking forward to seeing your friend all week, and at the last minute she bails on you, AGAIN. Instead of telling her where to go (although tempting), you wish her a good evening. You spend the rest of the evening enjoying yourself despite what happened. You think to yourself “maybe things turned out for the best, I had a way better night by myself anyways”. Good job girl because you are totally being positive!

Lets think about those mornings when you get up and you look at yourself and you’re just feeling really off, so you look in the mirror and you’re like NOPE. But you take a shower and you pull yourself together and you have that extra dose of caffeine because you are gonna CEASE THE DAY DAMMIT. I want to personally congratulate you on being positive.

It doesn’t always come naturally, or easily. A positive lifestyle is something to work at. Don’t let that discourage you! And if you get discouraged, don’t write yourself off as defectively flawed and miserable. Decide to make little changes, and pat yourself on the back for the little positive things you think and do because dammit, those are awesome.


Tips on How to go Zero Waste

As both Aquarian and empath, I have a natural inclination to want to save the world. I’ve been spending a lot of my life figuring out ways to help people, and that was always the way I exercised this drive. But lately, I’ve been learning more and more about the zero waste movement and I have to be honest: I’m am completely enthralled.

Here’s what pushed me over the edge: my partner and I have been working on converting a work trailer into tiny living quarters. Our first order of business was to completely rip out the inside shelving and walls, and we had to get rid of it at the city dump.

I had never been to the dump before, so you can imagine that I could only find it visually appalling. The smell was nothing to rave about either. I don’t know what your city does with it’s garbage, but here in Calgary it goes to the landfill, where it is stacked in a big old pile, and buried.


Seeing it in real life had me astounded at how much of our lives is just disposable… literally. And more than anything, it got me thinking – what can I do to reduce my waste, and my impact on the environment?

For me, going zero waste is all about doing everything I can to reduce my footprint. Zero is always a goal, but lets face it – I’m a beginner. If you want tips from an expert, you might have to find those somewhere else.

Because today, I’m sharing my newbie tips on how to go zero waste. These small changes have helped me a lot over the last couple of weeks, and I hope that they will inspire you to make small, earth-friendly changes too!


1. Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle  – This might be by far the most obvious tip, but it is also the most underutilized in my opinion. This is something easy everyone can do because reusable water bottles are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Skip the plastic – look for durable, long lasting stainless steel or glass bottles. There are some very expensive brands out there, but you absolutely don’t have to break the bank on this one! I got my stainless steel water bottle on sale at a sporting goods store for $20. The best part: it keeps my water cold all day!


2. Check Your Compost – When my city first began their municipal composting program, it was a huge success. Within the first year Calgarian’s diverted 53 million kilograms of organic material from the landfill, and it has since been turned into compost.

But food scraps aren’t the only items that can make it into the compost bin! Some items like specific types of coffee cups, coffee filters, and used paper towels can also be composted. Check the rules in your municipality regarding compost – or if you don’t have a program run by your city try composting on your own!

compost (1)

3. Remember your Reusable Bags – We all have them, but none of us use them. I know! I’m guilty too. I’ve found that the trick to making the most out of reusable bags is to keep them easily accessible – stash them in your car, in your purse, in your gym bag – put them wherever it’s convenient to access them when you get to the store. Aside from that, just practice. I still slip up on this one, but every time I go to pick up a few things and I remember my bag, it feels really good.


4. Shop Consignment – Having worked in a consignment store for several years, this tip is near and dear to my heart! What better way to express your love for the earth than treating yourself to a new outfit? Not only are you giving a home to clothes that might otherwise be thrown away, but you also save tons of cash. You can reduce, reuse, recycle, and look good while doing it.


5. Get a To-Go Coffee Mug – It’s nice to have a reusable water bottle, but if you’re a coffee lover like me this tip will be absolutely more useful for you. Not only are reusable coffee mugs great for keeping your coffee warmer for longer, but some of them are also totally stylish. Some coffee shops even discount your price (slightly – but every penny counts right?) to use a reusable mug!


As a newbie waste reducer, these 5 tips are what I have found to be the easiest way to reduce my waste. I’m not perfect – I still practice every day, and I still make mistakes!

I know I have a great journey of learning ahead of me. As I learn more tips and tricks along the way, I promise to share them with you (part two: ameteur to expert?). 

What do you think about reducing your waste? Are these tips practical for you? Which do you think would be the most difficult and why? Feel free to share in the comments below!



Make it Happen Monday

It’s up to you.

It’s your story.

It is your book, and you get to write it. You have so much more control, and so much more credit in your life than you give yourself.

But don’t let that scare you – let it empower you. 

“You’re gonna do what you’re called to do –

you’re gonna be who you’re called to be”


Lets make it another great week in series of many to come!


Happy Monday Strong Babes!



Make it Happen Monday

There are some extraordinary, truly inspiring people out there – and Jay Shetty is one of them.


This snippet of his captivating interview with Impact Theory really hit home for me, and I hope you can take something from it too.




This week may we all realize what happiness really looks like for each and every one of us!


Stay inspired, stay motivated!



Make it Happen Monday

Did you miss it?

I definitely felt the absence of Make it Happen Monday over the past couple of weeks!

I gotta be honest with you guys –  in starting 2018 I thought about discontinuing the Make it Happen Monday series. With being stretched so thin, it just meant one less thing to stress about getting done in the week.

But I’ve realized that doing this weekly post doesn’t stress me (silly me), it motivates me, just in the way I would hope it kicks you in the butt too.

So lets get down to it!!

Why are we often so afraid of a little hard work? After all, isn’t it just a stepping stone?

Sometimes we wish we could rush things – we wish we could skip the hard work and just get straight to the end goal. It doesn’t work that way!



The hard work you put in is what makes the end result so rewarding. Don’t wish you could trade that in.

Success is for anyone, anyone willing to work for it.

Have a great day everyone, kick butt and make it happen!



Make it Happen Monday

So this week your feeling like you really got yourself on track.

Dude – that’s AWESOME. And I’m so proud of you!

Now – the tricky part: not letting anyone suck that life, joy, and energy out of you.

The video below really hits home on how you can go about this – and unless you’ve seen this video before I guarantee it is new and useful information!


How will you guys protect yourself in the kind of situations stated in the video above? I’d love to know! Share in the comments below.


Thanks for stopping by, have a great week everyone!


How to Live Your Best Life

I am totally one of those people who gets sucked into reading something just for the headline. I’ve been click baited so many times: “OMG! She barely made it!” – I rush to click because I have to know: barely made what!?!

So let everyone not be surprised to know that the other day my coworker received an email with the link to an article on LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, I was intrigued. We want to live our best lives! So we embarked on a journey into the article to figure out what that was.

No word of a lie guys, the article was so terrible.

Apparently living my best life is waking up at 6 (I love mornings but come on), spending 2 hours commuting, and 9 hours working. NO JOKE! The work day on this hypothetical “best life scenario” is 9-6!!!!

For all of you out there working those hours, I feel you, and if it’s your dream I can totally… somehow… try to understand that.

But if I know anything for sure it’s that NO ONES DREAM LIFE includes a 2 hour commute!

Okay okay, I’ve knocked it enough. To be fair, the list did include exercise, gratitude, and eating healthy.

But the truth is, I wanted a better list. And it wasn’t going to come out of no where. Then I knew: If I wanted a better list, the onus was on me to make one.

So here we are: How to Live Your Best Life

1. Live with purpose. I think this can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Some have grande visions of being rich and famous, while others enjoy the simple pleasures of raising a beautiful family. It doesn’t matter what you’re chasing, but chase something. Have a reason to get up every morning – something that really drives you!

2. If you are going home to someone, let it be someone you love – and who loves you. I think so many of us get stuck in relationships and situations that no longer serve us. Nothing is better than going home to a warm hug at the end of the day.

3. Collect memories, not things. Most of the things we buy, we don’t actually need. And once they are bought, the euphoria of a new purchase falls away. But memories are beautiful. The memories we make stay with us. They bring us light on dark days. They give us a life to look back on.


That’s it. So simple. So wonderful!

I’d love to hear your input!

What’s your tip on living your best life?