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Quick Coconut Flour Pancakes Recipe

Hey babes! Since enough of you expressed an interest over Instagram in me sharing this recipe, I thought I would drop by today and post it up! These pancakes make breakfast feel decadent, without leaving you feeling sluggish. They are so easy to make (you’ll see!) and are an awesome way to jumpstart your morning.… Continue reading Quick Coconut Flour Pancakes Recipe

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Grounding Cauliflower Apple Soup 

My instructor was talking just the other day about how she defines foods in two separate categories: “noisy” (inflammatory, irritating, disruptive) and “quiet” (peaceful, nourishing, easy to digest). I love that concept. When life is crazy (often) , I am drawn to the quiet foods. The foods that nourish and give, and hardly ask for… Continue reading Grounding Cauliflower Apple Soup 

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Plant Powered Pizzas – “Not-so-classic Margherita” 

Hello you all! Yes, I know this post is late – as it has normally been Plant Powered Pizza Friday – but this week, it just wasn’t working for me. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know why: Friday’s pizza was… mediocre at best. Heck, I’m being too easy on it: it was… Continue reading Plant Powered Pizzas – “Not-so-classic Margherita” 

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Broiled Blood Orange with Coconut Cream and Black Tahini

I have to say, I feel pretty lucky that my S.O. has been willing to embark with me on this nutrition adventure over the last year. Most of the changes I’ve made, he’s more than willingly gone along with. We drink more, good quality water. We’ve eliminated dairy, and upped our whole foods. We eat… Continue reading Broiled Blood Orange with Coconut Cream and Black Tahini