How to get your butt in gear (and in the gym!)

When I tell people I go to the gym 4+ days a week, the response I usually get is something along the lines of “I don’t know how you do it!”.

Honestly, sometimes, neither do I. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been struggling lately… with those late night workouts!

Just so you know, late night for me is anything after 9 pm. That’s just how I roll.

I don’t always feel motivated to go to the gym. Some days, it’s pure habit (thank the lord I’ve built in some good ones!). But let’s be real here; we can’t always fit in that workout when it’s convenient. Sometimes we just gotta pull up our boot straps (gym socks?) and do it.

Those end of the day workouts are rough. By then I’ve already checked a million things off the to-do list, and I’m exhausted. Physically and sometimes emotionally spent. Plus, Its just so easy to just say “I’ll go tomorrow”.

I’ve been around the gym block, so luckily I have come up with some tactics of how I get my butt in gear before I even think about missing that workout.

How I get my butt in gear (and in the gym) .

  1. Visual motivation! This is such a big one for me. I will go on Instagram and search a fit-related hashtag to come up with some inspiration. Seeing other beautiful Queens working their butts off makes me want to too.
  2. Preworkout… of course! I mean, a little caffiene jolt goes a long way. Plus, once you’ve taken it you’re commited, there is no going back!
  3. I look forward. I envision myself in the future. I ask myself, will I be grateful I had this workout? And I always answer back to myself with a heck yeah. I have never regretted a good workout!
  4. I bring a friend. Or I bring my boyfriend. More often than not during those late night workouts, he’s actually dragging my butt to the gym. But either way, someone is there holding me accountable. And it works.
  5. Putting on some slammin’ gym gear. It’s not a shallow thing. When you look good, you feel good!
  6. Sometimes I just need to remember my WHY. Why am I doing this? And every time it’s the same reason: because I know that every day counts. Every workout counts. It’s one small piece of the giant puzzle I’m putting together. It matters.

See that picture above? I was dragged to the gym that night. It ended up being awesome. Well, my face says it all.

We may not always be motivated, but we can create it! I hope you guys keep your passion alive!

Thanks for reading!

Strong to the Finish Challenge – Week 11

Hey hi hello there!

I came to the realization today that this challenge is so appropriately named. It really is about being strong to the end, and I am nearing it.

Week 11 was the hardest, in part because my diet has become increasingly difficult, and in part because I know only a tougher road lies ahead. But, I’m also feeling accomplished. I’m all like ‘dang girl, you said you was gonna do it and you are!’, and that’s how I encourage myself when I am hungry and tired and in dire need of cookies.

If you read my last post then you know I had my last treat meal over the weekend – it was EPIC. I was worried I would wake up the next day feeling bloated, but it’s like my body absorbed it all and used it in every nook and cranny I needed it.

Now I know it’s just mind over matter for the next week!

While on vacation I managed to eat perfectly fine, aside from my treat meal, and we also even managed to squeeze in a workout! Thank you GoodLife Kelowna!

I know this next week is gonna be hella challenging, so I feel like I will probably check in at some point just to bring myself back to Centre.

Dieting is hard. In some ways it goes against what I believe. But in other ways it embodies it. Dieting is all about willpower; it’s about accepting a challenge and rising to the occasion, despite any obstacles or temptations.

On a broader scope, I guess that describes transformation itself: it’s work. A lot of people don’t want to believe that. They want to believe that change happens to you . No – change happens because of you. 

I don’t want to be too repetitive with the food pics so here is one I didn’t include in my vacation post – arugula salad with tomatoes and prosciutto! I’m dairy free and gluten sensitive and this is how I survived in a pizza joint haha!

This next week is all about staying present, mindful, and positive.

Thanks for reading and supporting me as always. You are all wonderful.

Strong to the Finish Challenge – Week 10 

Hey beautiful babes, I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

At the moment I’m a bit swamped with work, and it can be easy to get to be feeling overwhelmed. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! My boyfriend and I have the weekend off and are going on a little getaway! Neither of us can wait. We could both use a little time to unwind! The details of that will be included in next weeks post.

Week 10 : I’ll remember this as the week that I broke 125 lbs on the scale and finally made it for a morning (usually when check) weigh in of 123!

When you are trying to hard and seriously giving it your all, it feels SO GOOD to finally be making some progress in the right direction. Last week it was my goal to up the cardio and see if that helped, which I absolutely followed through on and I’m glad I did. I have been following my diet almost perfectly, and I really have to thank my boyfriend in part for that as he hooked me up with some amazing low carb home cooked meals last week.

It made me realize that support is paramount when embarking on a challenge like this. That doesn’t mean that others need to do the challenge with you, but having people support you and cheer you on is so motivating.

Matthew and I post-workout and HUNGRY!

Only 2 weeks left to go. Staying on track this weekend is going to be so important! We are planning on packing food for the road and I know for me that really goes a long way.

One thing I think a lot of people who are dieting worry about this losing their gains, and I am getting to that point. Like, I worked so hard all winter! I really don’t want to see any of that go to waste! I started using this product by Muscletech called “Clear Muscle”, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to help with. Dear Muscletech, please help me preserve my gains! I want to show off all the hard work I put in all winter long!

If the goal of this challenge is to beat our previous “best”, I am already there. I have moments where I feel like I’m not making progress at all, and then I look back to pictures of 10 weeks ago and I’m like woah!

I’m feeling motivated just talking about it, I can’t wait to make it to the gym later!!

Little snack at work: Nuts, pickles, and tuna. Protein, healthy fats, and well – I guess I just wanted something salty and the pickles help to quench that craving!

Smoothie bowls are life, am I right? They have seriously become my “go-to” for any time of day. So many dieters would stay away from a smoothie bowl because a banana is a “high carb” fruit. Lucky me – my body loves fruit and practically just absorbs it’s magical awesomeness without the carb value holding me back in any way. It’s a banana guys! Not a double grilled cheese sandwhich. A banana. This is what works for me. It may not work for everyone and that’s okay! End rant.

Last night for dinner I made tofu – normally I would eat it with rice but it was actually pretty amazing on a bed of lettuce with some peppers. Kept it simple.

My goal for this week is to not fall off the wagon, but to still enjoy myself over the weekend. I am looking forward to having one meal with some kind of complex carb while on vacation, and that is almost a treat enough for me! Overall I am feeling really focused right now, and excited about things to come.

2 more weeks – gotta keep getting shredded!!

I started working out in the “womens only” area of the gym… and I love it.

Hey all you wonderful people!

So, I go to Goodlife and have been for about a year now. As far as gyms go in general, I like it. What I don’t like is how busy and overcrowded the gyms always seem to be! And I’m not just talking about the GoodLife that I mostly go to, from what I hear this is the case in most of them! Like, unless you show up at 3 am on a Wednesday you are going to have to make adjustments to your routine based on what’s available. I get that, and I’m okay with it for the most part.

But the other day, I wondered, is it this busy in the women’s area? It’s hard to tell from the main area because it’s actually in a small room up a flight of stairs. I thought to myself: should I check it out?

My ego jumped in: “Why would you go up there? It’s not like you’re afraid to work out with the big boys. You don’t wanna look afraid, do you!?”

Then I realized, hey – I’m not afraid to be seen in the main area! And this is in no way motivated by my anxiety. This is just me wanting a smoother, more seamless workout. So up to the women’s area I go.


The women’s area has almost everything you could possibly need for any workout (would love a bench press but ok). And just as I had hoped, way less busy up there! During most my workouts, the same to girls who come together are usually up there as well doing their thing. We all seem to move about and around one another pretty well. No stress! No waiting! No fighting for space.

There is also enough privacy that I hope to be filming some videos and putting them up there from time to time! 

I’m glad I checked in on myself AND my ego. My workouts are better as a result 🙂 

Thanks for reading! 


Workout Duration vs. Intensity

When I first started working out, I used to be at the gym forever.

A workout was never part of the evening, it was the entire evening.

Then one day, I was having a casual conversation with a trainer at my gym and he asked me why I felt like I had to be at the gym for so long. I’m sure I mumbled something inaudible about burning more calories.

“You don’t need to be in here for any more than an hour really” he suggested, “it’s not about how long you’re here – it’s what you do with the time you have”.

Oh god, I realized, he was right.

Prior to this, I would have two hour workouts. Because they were so long, I would never exhaust all effort on a set because I knew I would need to reserve some energy for later. So there I was, kind of working out – kind of mulling about, for most of my workouts

I look back now and see that there is just no damn logic in that.

My workout today was 45 minutes. It was 45 minutes of blood, sweat, and tears (mostly sweat). I kept my heart rate up the whole time. I felt into it! I told myself if I only had 45 minutes that it was going to be one hell of 3/4’s of an hour.

Obviously along the way I have learned something very important about building a better body: intensity is the most important factor in the gym. Be all in. Go hard. Give it everything you’ve got. Don’t hang around skulking in the gym for hours!

Get in, fuck shit up, and get out!

Who has the time for a two hour workout anyways? (if you do I want your life, I’m exhausted)

All jokes aside, almost anybody can make the time for a 45 minute workout. Don’t think of it as something demanding on your schedule. Think about it as 45 minutes of “you” time.

That’s all you need, after all 🙂

Why I love working out with a PARTNER! 

Hey everyone!

It’s been a minute since I wrote a fitness inspired post. Well, today is that day!

Now, some days I really do just wanna get in the gym, fuck shit up, and leave.

But there are definitely days I enjoy having a partner to work out with… and here’s why:

Accountability. When I’m working out with a partner, I know they are watching me and how hard I work. Think I’m gonna half ass it? No way Jose! I’m being subconsciously evaluated! I’m not on my phone, and I’m not sneaking out early for a donut. I wanna show my partner what I can do. I find that working out with someone else brings out the best in me, especially when it’s with someone who shares the passion for fitness that I have.

Having a spotter. It’s so awesome to see yourself move up on the weights… but sometimes it can be risky to push yourself too far without a spotter! I love having a spotter for my bench press.

Trying something new. A great part of working out with a partner is discovering how they do things differently than you. They might have tips and tricks you’ve never even heard of before. Or maybe working out with a partner will give you the courage to try something new together!

Pure entertainment. I work hard in the gym, but I also like to have fun. It’s fun sometimes to have someone to talk to between sets, to observe other gym-goers with you, to just plain be a part of the experience you are having. To share in you overcoming your challenges! And maybe even to squeeze in a few laughs.

… and take a few pictures of course too 🙂

The photo above is me with my workout partner, my boyfriend Matthew. Matthew is a great motivator for me in the gym! His workouts are intense and very goal oriented – so when we work out together it’s never a bad workout – we go all out! He has also been in the fitness world 6 years longer than me, so the knowledge I have gained just by having him as a teacher has been amazing.


If you ever work out with a partner, here is a link for exercises that you actually participate in with your partner (it takes twooooo baby).


Thanks for reading!