Check-in / August 17, 2015

Hey y’all!

Here I am for my August mid-month check-in! I’m going to get straight to it!

This pic is from my workout this morning. I’m still on vacation in PEI, so it might not be the best quality picture but I definitely wanted to ensure I included one that was super up to date!

Improvements: I’m officially bigger pretty much everywhere. I’ve been eating like crazy out here. My pants are tight! That’s okay, I prefer leggings anyways. Arms are looking big, traps are looking mighty fine if you ask me too!

Current Focus: Forever on my legs. I had a CRAZY leg workout here, so bad I could barely walk for two days.  Yet my quads weren’t sore? Only my hamstrings and butt? There is no giving up! Also working on my shoulders, trying to cap those beauties.

Eating: For the last 10 days of vacation I’ve been eating burgers, icecream, fish and chips, and anything else I want. Bulking is fun! It is hard to watch my body change so quickly, but I do my best to embrace it.

Feeling like: I’m thick and I’m strong; feeling powerfully connected to my body. Embracing changs, making gains… I am moving towards my goal so I am happy.

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