January Reset

I am so so happy to introduce the newest addition to programs at Standing Strong Wellness!

When I was coming up with the Reset program, the motto I kept in mind was “health for everyone”. Years ago I would have loved to work with someone educated in nutrition, but I could never afford it.

I was determined to come up with a practical solution that worked for everyone, no matter what their budget or personal diet preferences (vegan, celiac, etc…).

Thus, the Reset Program was born! It’s affordable, practical, easy to follow, and effective! Health – for everyone.

I’m so proud of this program, and I’m excited to start January alongside all my fellow Strong Babes!

Sad you missed it? Don’t worry, we’ll be doing this program quarterly! Every 3 months we’re going to reevaluate, reassess, and reset!

It’s gonna be a great way to start off 2019!

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Later babes!

Make it Happen Monday

There is so much going on in this new and modern world, and it’s so easy to get distracted.

Many of us get caught up in the small things that happen throughout the day. That’s life, things are going to go wrong. Just remember, when you have goals, you can’t play the small game! You’ve gotta keep your attention on the big game. 

What’s the big game? It’s your purpose. Your goal one year from now. It’s what you value the most.

That being said – if coffee is spilled today, or you forget to run an errand, or someone unfriends you on social media… Don’t even let it phase you boo. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think big!

Have a great week everyone!


April Update 

Hey you, how have you been?

Oh me? Oh you know, I’ve just been hanging out here on my beautiful white chair, in this room this pristine decor, hanging out in a body suit. I’m pretty sure that’s what bloggers do.

Jokes aside, it was a pleasure to have my sister take these shots the other day. I am in awe of how well she captured me. I think there is something to be said about being able to be vulnerable around someone. During this shoot, I was able to be and embrace myself,; I felt completely comfortable. And isn’t it interesting how that can come across in a photo? It reminds me that energy transcends everything.

I have been feeling so comfortable in my own skin lately. They say that is something that comes with age, and now at 28 years old I can say I believe it is true. Even when my skin was fresher, or I was smaller, or my eyes were brighter – I never appreciated all that I was. But now I look at myself with the audacity to say “I’m cute” ( I am though).

I wish I could go back and shake the younger me – I wish I could just say STOP! You are beautiful! Stop criticizing yourself! But I guess that it’s all a part of growing up.

So I will do my usual fitness update but first I want to say: even if my cutting season didn’t go very well, I would still rock a swimsuit with pride. My eyes are nice and my butt is round and my stomach is cute… so take that, society!

I’ve been cutting for the last couple months, but only last week since Brittany left have I actually kicked it into high gear. You know how it is #fitfam – less carbs , more cardio. I’ve been doing at least 30 minutes of cardio with each workout – sweater on and sweating up a storm.

I’m trying to keep my carbs under 100g daily for my cut, with refeeds when I really feel I need them. And before you begin to believe that this means I am restricting myself, please remember that I eat in abundance. Ask anyone who has the pleasure of eating near me about the size of my meals. It’s ridiculous…ly awesome. At the same time, in this lifestyle, sacrifices must be made – I know this game. And I love to play it.

Although this is an important part of my lifestyle, I want you guys to know that I do this for me. I’m happy with who I am. No number on a scale can ever change that. And restricting carbs will never make you happy. Being skinny will never make you happy. So I urge you to be at a good place before you put any additional stress on your body. And as always: love yourself first (the rest will follow anyway).



If you are wondering what has been on the menu lately, a day in the life of me eating looks something like this…

  • Meal 1 – Breakfast shake (fruit, veg, Iron Vegan protein powder)
  • Meal 2 – A banana and a handful of almonds
  • Meal 3 – A large salad with greens, vegetables, and nuts
  • Meal 4 – A bit of protein and greens (usually tofu or chicken)
  • Meal 5 – Raw fruits or veg with almond butter or a piece of choc, etc…

Does anyone else get mad sweet cravings before bed? I’ve been making my own chocolate with melted coconut oil, raw cacao, nuts and stevia. Then I just pop it in the freezer for a couple minutes – voila!

Oh one more thing – only 3ish months of school left! I can’t wait to begin taking on clients. I’ve learned so much and my passion for health is a fire burning hotter than ever before. We can all be healthy. We can all be happy. And we all deserve it.


Stay tuned for my next post – it’s coming up tomorrow and it’s going to be a good one!

I hope everyone’s April is off to a great start, and onto an even better end!

Catch ya later


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Make it Happen Monday

I’m all about being empowered – and I know a huge part of empowerment, at least for me, has been taking responsibility for my own life.

You see, nothing that ever happens to me is caused by others. No one else has power over me. I am a victim of nothing, and no one.

I hope you guys enjoy the video today!



“You are making your own production. You are the star of your show; you are the director – you are writing the script. And you will decide whether it is a smash office hit, or a flop”


Every week we get better and better! Lets make this Monday the best it can possibly be!

Make it Happen Monday

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what motivates people. What makes them tick. What makes the light bulb go off, in a way that makes someone change their lives forever.

I can’t say I’ve figured out the answer – but I can say that perception and mindset are the backbone to any action taken. Without the proper mindset – nothing will happen. Nothing can change.

Knowing this to be true, I have watched this video many times to get myself back into the proper headspace – you’ve gotta believe to achieve!



“The only thing that’s going to make you happy my friends, in this life or any other, is to step up” – Tony Robbins


Happy Make it Happen Monday!

Make it Happen Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday to you all!

This morning’s Make it Happen Monday is going to be a little more interactive, so I hope you will take one minute out of your day to do this because it’s going to set you up for success today.

Self-doubt so readily creeps in, if we let it. And believing in ourselves isn’t always second nature. I want you to believe in yourself today. Actually, I want you to believe in yourself every day, but we can start with today.

I want you to comment below 3 THINGS you love about yourself (that aren’t physical).

What’s great about you?

What are you good at?

What are your strengths?

Focus on those aspects and comment below. And every time that self-doubt creeps in today, I want you to remember those three things.

I’ll start:

  • I am a great listener
  • I have great drive and ambition
  • I make a mean curry


Okay, go for it!


Make It Happen Monday

Motivation motivation motivation!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s something that has to be worked on –  constantly.

Like a fire that needs to be fed.

So I’m starting a new series: “Make it Happen Monday” !

I’ll be sharing videos, articles, and pictures that motivate me, in  the hopes that I can pass some of that energy on to you!

Get it #strongbabes! Happy Monday!



“I will not go gently into that goodnight, I will rage, rage against the dying of the light –

I will practice random kindness and sensless acts of beauty!

Because minds are like parachutes, and they only function when opened”