Make It Happen Monday

Motivation motivation motivation!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s something that has to be worked on –  constantly.

Like a fire that needs to be fed.

So I’m starting a new series: “Make it Happen Monday” !

I’ll be sharing videos, articles, and pictures that motivate me, in  the hopes that I can pass some of that energy on to you!

Get it #strongbabes! Happy Monday!



“I will not go gently into that goodnight, I will rage, rage against the dying of the light –

I will practice random kindness and sensless acts of beauty!

Because minds are like parachutes, and they only function when opened”

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Hey everyone! Writing to you here from Calgary, Alberta. I love wholesome, healthy food, lifting weights, and all the spiritual and physical challenges of life. I'm wellness obsessed, and that's what I'm hear to talk about. I'll be taking a holistic mind-body-soul approach to include all important aspects related to a healthy well being. Let's go!

3 thoughts on “Make It Happen Monday

  1. I love the name you came up with for this series! So true what you said about constant motivation :)) I’m definitely one of those people who need it all the time — even though my dreams are big & I believe in them being my best path, I get overwhelmed sometimes. So anyway im all about the new series!

    1. Thanks! I almost called it Monday Motivation and then I thought perhaps I could come up with something a little different. I need it all the time too! Thanks for being so engaging on my posts and being a part of this journey with me!!

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