Make it Happen Monday

Another HAPPY MONDAY, how about that?

Just doing the work is only part of the battle. It’s really all about the spirit behind it.

Going through the motions will never get you the result that you want. What will?

Passion. Being driven. Being compelled from deep within yourself to do what you do.

It’s all about channelling that energy into your work, because trust me, it will show through!

And if you need a little extra motivation this week, this video is getting me so pumped right now. Check it out if you need it!



It’s time to make it happen! Work hard, work consistent, work with PASSION. It makes you unstoppable.


Make it Happen Monday

Making it Happen – how do we do that? Obviously working for what you want is so important. But I also believe that in many situations, the Universe has got to meet you halfway.

Letting go is something I’ve never been good at, but there are some things that we just don’t have control over. So what do we do? We work as hard as we can, and we let whatever is supposed to happen HAPPEN.

What is meant for you will always find you. Say it with me…

W I T H O U t


I hope you can find some peace in your journey today, and trust in the divine timing of whatever should come to be for you!

Have an awesome week!


Make it Happen Monday

Welcome to the first Monday of December!

For some, December is a month filled with festive baking, family gatherings, and holiday cheer. For others, it’s just plain tough.

We don’t get to decide when life gets tough on us – we don’t get to say “but it’s the holidays!” and our problems just disappear. No matter what month it is, life can still challenge you.

If that resonates, this MHM is for you.

This quote by Les Brown is one of my favourites. Why? Because it’s the resolution that no matter what life throws at you, you can and will get through it.

Say it out loud. Put it on your fridge. Write it on your mirror. Remember: “no matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I’m going to make it!”

Whatever it is babe, you’ve got this.

Have a great Monday!


Make it Happen Monday

Have you been working hard?

Check in with yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Are you doing what you said you were going to do? Have you been working?

If you haven’t been, know this: there is no better day to reset, refocus, and get back to it than TODAY.

Enjoy today’s Make it Happen Monday video!



I’m aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll fired up!!


Make it Happen Monday

Let’s talk about a subject that has hit us hard at some point – maybe for some of us it’s really been a big focus for us this year: growth. 

Growth always looks beautiful after you’ve gone through it. It’s being the butterfly. It’s finally becoming. It’s you, shining.

But the process of actually growing is painful. And nothing nice to look at. It looks like you making a ton of mistakes. It looks like you not being true to yourself. It looks like tears, exhaustion – it’s an endless fog. You wonder if you actually will get through it.

But then you do.

If you are going through a hard time this is what I want you to remember: growing pains. Say it with me: GROWING. PAINS.

Because real growth hurts.

But it’s always worth it to keep becoming a little more you.


Happy Monday loves!


Make it Happen Monday

You know those phases you go through where you’re just… “building character”?

Like things are so tough the only way to rationalize your struggle right now is to put all your faith in believing: this is building me.

I get it. And all I have to say is keep moving forward.

The only way out is through, and you will get through it.

“This might a page in your life – it might be a chapter in your life – but it ain’t the book baby. You are not finished writing yet. So I need you to get busy living.”

Have a great week everyone!


Make it Happen Monday

Dang, it has been a minute hasn’t it? Since our last Make it Happen Monday?

I hope you guys cherish this series as much as I do. This post is all about the 5-10 minutes we can take for ourselves at the beginning of the week to reset and reframe our minds.

Today’s video is really awesome. I hope you will take 5 minutes to enjoy it!

“If I always do what I’ve always done, I’ll always be where I’ve always been”


You can be new any day – I firmly believe that – that’s why my motto this year is #reinventyourself ! It doesn’t take a million dollars, it doesn’t take a move, it doesn’t take any major change to be different. It’s all about what’s going on within you.


I can’t promise to be back every Monday with new Make it Happen Monday posts because I don’t have space in my life right now for it. That being said, I’ll still be doing at least one or two a month.

If you’re still lacking in motivation, simply check out the motivation category of this blog – you can find tons of archived MHM posts there!

You’ve got this! Have a great Monday!


Make it Happen Monday

It’s up to you.

It’s your story.

It is your book, and you get to write it. You have so much more control, and so much more credit in your life than you give yourself.

But don’t let that scare you – let it empower you. 

“You’re gonna do what you’re called to do –

you’re gonna be who you’re called to be”


Lets make it another great week in series of many to come!


Happy Monday Strong Babes!



Make it Happen Monday

Did you miss it?

I definitely felt the absence of Make it Happen Monday over the past couple of weeks!

I gotta be honest with you guys –  in starting 2018 I thought about discontinuing the Make it Happen Monday series. With being stretched so thin, it just meant one less thing to stress about getting done in the week.

But I’ve realized that doing this weekly post doesn’t stress me (silly me), it motivates me, just in the way I would hope it kicks you in the butt too.

So lets get down to it!!

Why are we often so afraid of a little hard work? After all, isn’t it just a stepping stone?

Sometimes we wish we could rush things – we wish we could skip the hard work and just get straight to the end goal. It doesn’t work that way!



The hard work you put in is what makes the end result so rewarding. Don’t wish you could trade that in.

Success is for anyone, anyone willing to work for it.

Have a great day everyone, kick butt and make it happen!