Make it Happen Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday to you all!

This morning’s Make it Happen Monday is going to be a little more interactive, so I hope you will take one minute out of your day to do this because it’s going to set you up for success today.

Self-doubt so readily creeps in, if we let it. And believing in ourselves isn’t always second nature. I want you to believe in yourself today. Actually, I want you to believe in yourself every day, but we can start with today.

I want you to comment below 3 THINGS you love about yourself (that aren’t physical).

What’s great about you?

What are you good at?

What are your strengths?

Focus on those aspects and comment below. And every time that self-doubt creeps in today, I want you to remember those three things.

I’ll start:

  • I am a great listener
  • I have great drive and ambition
  • I make a mean curry


Okay, go for it!


6 responses to “Make it Happen Monday”

  1. I love that this is so interactive, but oh man, taking me time to think it out. Hmmmm….(also, with as many interviews as I’ll be having this month and next, this is perfect for me right now)

    What’s great about you? Probably my ability to empathize well

    What are you good at? I’m super good at drinking wine! Haha- but really, I like to think I’m good at cooking & baking

    What are your strengths? Compassion, hard work, and loyalty.

    Thanks for doing this exercise with us- definitely a super motivational Monday with positive self-talk! ❤


    • LOLLLL @ drinking wine! You are hilarious! I love all those strengths. I find baking so hard because it’s such a science sometimes! I’m sure that is just a handful of the things that are great about you 🙂

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