On Getting Stuck

If you haven’t been stuck before, you haven’t lived. I get stuck, you get stuck, we all get stuck.

In jobs.

In relationships.

In friendships.

In our hobbies and interests.

In our own personal growth.

I’ve been stuck, at one point or another, in all of these.

I’ve stayed in relationships for years  longer than I should have, simply because I was comfortable.

I’ve stayed in jobs that made me anxious and depressed, jobs I was way overqualified for.

I’ve remained a part of a friendship that no longer served me in any way; made time for people that left me feeling badly once we parted ways.

I’ve given up in life. On my hopes and my dreams. At times because I was comfortable, and at other times because I didn’t believe I was special enough to live  a life that was in any way above average.

I want you to believe that you are worth more than just living a comfortable life. Comfortable is the last thing we want. Because comfortable is mediocre, and mediocrity is not happiness.

So how do we get unstuck?

Make a decision to liberate yourself from comfortable. Accept the fear that comes along with change. Know that life will be difficult and challenging if you decide to get unstuck, and welcome the change anyways.

But mostly importantly: don’t be afraid to make BIG moves. I’m talking faith-relying, leg-leaping, longest-exhale-of-your-life moves.

If you don’t like your job anymore, pick a new one.

If you don’t see a future for your relationship, sad as it may be, dump them.

If your friendship is no longer serving you, say farewell.

If you feel like you’ve stopped growing personally or professionally, try that new acroyoga/painting/toastmasters class you’ve been talking about for eons.

Make a change. Make a big one. 

These could all be life altering decisions. And therefore, they are scary. But if it wasn’t scary, it wouldn’t be such a difficult choice now would it? The only way we grow is through adversity, so when life gets tough do your best to embrace it.

Stop giving up. Stop getting stuck. No more being okay with okay. Start a new habit of expecting the very best for yourself, in every aspect.

Set yourself free, no matter what it takes, no matter what it means. And find out just how great your future could possibly be.

One response to “On Getting Stuck”

  1. For crying out loud, it’s like you’re reading my mind. I was having this kind of conversation with myself this evening.


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