How to Get What You Want

If you’re stuck right now, and you feel like the cards are stacked up against you, this post is for you. I’m going to be sharing with you a huge secret to success – one major tip that’s going to help you get what you want. Listen up.

Yesterday was a long day at the end of a long week. As my partner and I are tossing back and forth dinner ideas, I simply had to level with him: “I don’t feel like cooking tonight. I’m so tired. If you want something for dinner, do you think you can make it?”

Guess what happened? He happily obliged.

I know this is a small example, but a huge weight was lifted due to one simple ingredient: asking. If I never would have asked, he probably never would have known that me making dinner wasn’t even on the table. He’s not a mind reader – I had to express my need by simply asking him to take on the responsibility.

Sure, he could have said no. And if he didn’t, I would have been fine – because I still wouldn’t have cooked anyways (hah!). Thereby putting myself in a win-win situation.

Simply asking for what it is that you want will give you a great advantage. Want a promotion? Ask. Want a lower credit card rate? Ask. Want your stylist to stop styling your mop like an 80’s county music artist? Sometimes, you’ve got to ask.

Being understood is the crucial ingredient here. If you aren’t clear, people don’t know what you want. However, if you are clear and concise about your needs, your needs can then be understood, and then met.


On a grander scale, this works for those bigger things you want too. The things we really feel risky asking for, so instead we curl up inside ourselves and bury the desire deep. For instance, financial freedom. Or landing your dream job. Or going on that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

You have to dare to ask the Universe. But: you have to ask in a clear, concise, and specific way.

The best way to do this? Write it down. Be as specific as possible, and don’t forget to include time constraints.

“I want to be credit card debt free in 12 months” instead of “I want to have more money”

“I want to buy my own home in two years” instead of “I want to get my own place”

“I want to go on vacation to Greece next summer for 3 weeks” instead of “I just want a break”

Only by asking and putting it out there can you expect to be understood.

This is a crucial step to take if you want to be able to get that thing that you want!

So please, today, take a moment for yourself to reflect, think about what it is that you want, and then simply start by asking for it. That can be to a coworker, family member, or by writing it down and sending it out to the Universe.

You got this. Go get it!

Make it Happen Monday

Every morning I find myself pretty fired up and ready to go, but let me tell you a little secret … 

I hardly ever go to bed feeling so great. Mix anxiety with perfectionist tendencies and going to sleep in peace is no easy task. Last night in particular I was feeling really defeated – wondering if I would be able to pick myself up the next morning and continue forward. 

But I always do. 

It made me realize that every morning, even on Mondays, there is something even more important I go through before getting motivated… 

It’s letting go. 

For the first second, the moment I open my eyes, I grant myself the peace of letting go of yesterday. Without that, how could I possibly move forward? Carrying on is almost impossible when you’re carrying so much baggage. 

So my motivation for you today is this: grant yourself permission to move on. To move forward. To let go. 

Yesterday is gone, but we still have the day in front of us! 

Happy Monday Strong Babes! 

Make it Happen Monday

MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY! Everyone’s favourite day – it’s here!

Okay, it might not be everyone’s favourite day, but it’s mine. I love fresh weeks and fresh starts.

It’s time to get up and get it. No longer will you be the victim, but today, the victor. 

“If you want to change your life, figure out how your worst day was your best day”


You can win.

Happy Monday!

Make it Happen Monday

Good morning and HELLO MONDAY!

It’s another week and I’m ready to get pumped! I have to be honest, Sunday ended on a bit of a more mellow note. I sometimes have these moments where I feel like everything is so out of my control that I don’t know why I push so hard.

But then I remember – just because there are many – and I mean MANY things that I can’t control, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t go after the handful of things that I can. I have agency. I have power. I have a choice. And I’m going for it.


“The time for just wishing has passed – the time for doing is now”

Push yourself today!

Make it Happen Monday

Make it Happen Monday is here!

I want to use some anecdotal motivation and open up to you guys today about a conversation that changed my life. No, seriously, it did.

If you have been following me for a longer while, you may remember a post I wrote recounting my experience with a personal trainer. We had a conversation one day that completely changed the game for me.

We were taking a breather and chatting about our dream jobs. He asked what mine was, and I told him I would love to be a Wellness Coach.

And he said: so why don’t you do it?

Guys, truly, I couldn’t come up with an answer. But I did respond “Ah, nah, I can’t do that”. Of course, I could have come up with plenty of excuses, none of which he would have let slide without questioning.

He said: why not you?

And it that moment I realized, that there was no real reason why I couldn’t do it.

Being called on my bullshit never felt so good, and from that moment forward it is the only thing I’ve dedicated my time to. As soon as I realized it was possible for me, I have been eating, sleeping, working, and breathing just this one ideal. And literally living my dream.

So right now, yes, right now, I want you to think about what your dream is.

And then I ask you: why not you?

If someone else has done it, you can do it too.

If you can even imagine it, you can do it too.

If you are willing to work for it, then by the grace of this beautiful Universe, you can do it too.

Why not you?

Make it happen!


I believe in you!

Remember when you were a kid, all the dreams you had for yourself?

When I was younger I wanted to be a firefighter, and then I wanted to be a writer. Then I wanted to be an investigative journalist.

Eventually I decided that I just wanted to help people, but I wasn’t sure how yet.

Over the years, I went from believing that I could do anything, to feeling lost and unsure if I could choose a career at all.

The truth is, over time I began to believe that I wasn’t good enough. My anxiety made me afraid to take on new challenges. When I did manage to try new challenges and failed, my self-esteem took the hit. I told myself I was an average person leading an average life, and that’s what I became.

I would have rushes every now and then when I felt inspired to chase something bigger, but my automatic thinking would eventually take over and I would go back to saying to myself “I can’t”.

I separated myself mentally from the people who are successful, convincing myself that the only people who are truly successful were somehow born into wealth, found themselves in an incredibly lucky circumstance, or a sociopath who stepped on anyone they had to just to get to the top. But no, success wasn’t for me.

I thought of every excuse in the book as to why it could never happen to me.

Then one day, I woke up. I was having a talk with my trainer at the time about how he enjoys what he does every day. He asked what I would be if I could be anything, and I told him that my dream job was to be a Wellness Coach – “but I could never do that”, I added.

“Why not?” he asked me.

I fell silent. I knew I couldn’t spout off any bullshit excuses, because he wouldn’t have accepted them. And if he wouldn’t, why should I?

At this time I was struggling out of a majorly depressive phase. And I told myself that I was either going to live, or I was going to die. And I don’t mean physically, I mean spiritually. I needed to do something about the way I saw my life, or I knew I would be depressed and struggling forever.

I began working through my anxiety. I started encouraging myself more. I started taking on more challenges, and when I was successful my self-esteem got a little boost. When I was not successful, I got back up and tried again. I began saying “why not me?”. Why can’t I be the girl who gets healthy and fit? Why can’t I start my own business? Why can’t I have a career that I love? There is no good reason why any of my dreams can’t come true.

And it’s the same for you.

Step 1: Believe you are worthy. You deserve happiness. You really do! For some people that is so hard to hear. Why not you?

Step 2: Work for it. Don’t stop. WORK UNTIL YOU GET OR DO THE THING. Be persistent. The Universe accepts the path of least resistance; if you keep going in the same direction, eventually it is going to get out of your way.

Don’t give up on your dreams guys! Run towards them! Push all the negativity in your life into another stratosphere because life is too damn short to not be living the way you want to be.

I believe in you!

But I’m happy. That’s all that matters.

Money. Cars. Kids. Business Owner. Health. Knowledge. Travel. Relaxation. We all desire different things out of life. Some things are higher up on the list than others. At the top of my list is health, freedom, and enjoying the moment. Many see their success as power, or money, or travel. No one is wrong, we are all just different.

Success cannot be measured on a universal scale – it can’t be measured in any particular way because success means something different to each and every one of us. My priorities in life are optimal health and freedom. Freedom to enjoy life, express myself, and live on my own schedule. To me, success is enjoying the little things and living mindfully. I might never be rich. I might not be able to live off the interest accumulating in my bank account. But I’m happy. That’s all that matters.

Other people want the picture perfect family, create beautiful babies in their beautiful house and to take vacations twice a year. I think if that’s what you want, go for it. It sounds brilliant. It might not be for me, but that’s brilliant.

Other people want to travel 365 days out of the year and live out of a backpack. I think if that’s what you want, go for it. It sounds brilliant. I myself would inevitably get homesick, but for you it might a dream coming true.

I could go on forever, but I know you know where this is going.

The people around you might not understand your journey – they might not see your vision for yourself, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you strive towards it, that you remember that your success is defined only by you. Nothing and no one else. Remember that.

Things Leaders Do

I have acknowledged many leaders in my 27 years on this planet. Professors, bosses, mentors – for better or worse I marched along to the beat of their drum. Some were good, some were awful (we’ve all been there). But I’m not here to complain about the literal ‘man’ in charge.

This post is about what makes a good leader. It isn’t a title, it isn’t a dollar amount, and it isn’t being the best at something. True leaders are the people we look up to. And this is what they’re like…

True leaders lead by example. They don’t delegate from behind the desk, they are out there doing the work. Leaders shouldn’t ask you do to anything they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do themselves. Leaders should know what it means to do the task; they’ve got to be able to show you how it’s done.

True leaders also lead from the back. They encourage you, support you, and integrate themselves as a part of the team. They are not ahead of you, or above you, or beyond you.

True leaders use their skills and energy to attract people to them. Leaders are approachable and open. Leaders listen to their people actively, thereby letting them know that they are genuinely interested in their success.

True leaders know that their success is dependent on the success of the team. They identify the strengths of their people and use them to the team’s advantage. Leaders are able to see and get the best out of people. Leaders empower. Leaders create leaders.

True leaders inspire. They attack the day with enthusiasm and make the day worth something. They effect change with strategic ease. Leaders make things happen.

I see so many people out there trying to be in charge by looking down on others, bullying, shutting people out, and making other people do all the work. I aspire to be the kind of leader one day I have written about here, I want to effect change with people – empowered people – and make this world a better place.

Thanks for reading!


Why you need to pursue your goals for YOU

Beginning any new challenge in life is so exciting. Motivation is at its peak, the fire inside you is burning. The people around you are your cheerleaders, they support and encourage you. Heck! Some might even join you on whatever it is you are venturing into. Excitement is brimming!

But, as time goes on, motivation changes from a steady stream to more of an ebb and flow. The challenge becomes increasingly difficult. Doubts seep in. Your family and friends aren’t there to support you like they were before. Heck, maybe some are so jealous of how far you’ve come that they begin to even sabotage you.

You start to get discouraged. Your heart sinks. This isn’t what you thought it would be.

So what now?

Go back to why you took on this journey in the first place. I hope at the top of the list you find the most important reason of all: YOU.

That desire is one thing that CANT change on your journey: YOU. Money, family, friends, motivation… It all comes and goes.

And it’s not “sad”, it’s just life.

It’s something I’ve come to expect on any new venture.

When I encounter this leg of the race, I try and channel the energy and remember what brought me to take it on in the first place.

My dreams, my goals, showing myself what I can do. It matters to me, and I hope it matters to you.

That’s what you have to fall back on, your love for yourself and your own self-empowerment.

No matter what new exciting thing you have taken on, stay positive! Stick with it! Believe in yourself that YOU have the capacity to see it through!