Yup, that’s ‘allergy’ me! 

Hey guys!

I just put this collage together and just had to share.

Yep – that’s allergy me!

Far left, back in November when I first started experiencing my newly acquired dairy allergy. I went on like that for months, no idea what was affecting me. I’m not over exaggerating or ‘pushing it out’ , it was that bad!

Middle picture is 3 days dairy and wheat free, I was finally starting to get rid of that bloat and back to my normal self!

Far right is yesterday, I am three weeks dairy and wheat free and loving it! All I gotta do is keep focusing on my goals, I know I’ll get to where I wanna be.

Who knew a couple of changes could make such a drastic difference?

6 responses to “Yup, that’s ‘allergy’ me! ”

  1. Okay, so I might just have this same issue. I don’t drink or really eat a lot of dairy, but maybe it’s the wheat? Could it be anything else. I do have anxiety and occasionally feel nauseous. The second picture is really similar to what I’m experiencing.


    • There is quite the list of allergens that could be affecting you, but the usual suspects are wheat, dairy, soy, and eggs. You could try eliminating all of those things out of your diet and slowly reintroducing them to help you figure out what it is! Just keep in mind that it can take up to a week for symptoms to disappear once you take the allergen out! For me it took three days to start noticing any difference after removing dairy!

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