Strong to the Finish Challenge – Week 7

Readers, I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at following instructions. That is why I have always found baking to be much of a challenge – it so often needs to be precise, and I have never been one for looking at the details.

ALL that being said: I realized this week that this challenge I am doing actually turns out to be a 12-week challenge! and not an 8 week one.  You see, there was a 4 week period in which you could submit your “before” photo. Me, being as eager as I was, submitted on I believe the second possible day. If I had submitted my photo on the last day, the challenge would have been 8 weeks, but because I did it so early, I have to wait to submit my “after” photo that extra 4 weeks.

At this realization, I couldn’t be happier.

Although I feel overall that the challenge is going very well, change takes time. I can do so much more in 12 weeks than I can do in 8. Having more time to play with is gonna be awesome. I thought I was going to have a pretty amazing before/after comparison already, but now I am like MAN, I am just gonna smash this!!

Week 7 was great. This week I have had some of the best workouts in the challenge so far. It’s interesting how the more progress you see, the more motivated you become! It helped that I had my boyfriend and workout partner along for the ride a couple of times. Having anyone to workout with that shares the same passion and drive as you for a healthy lifestyle is so beneficial, and this has been one great part of the adventure I call life this past year for me.

Matthew and I

This week I ate well. Keeping up with prepping food is hard – firstly because I almost never eat out anywhere, and secondly because we just go through SO. MUCH. FOOD. It’s insane… the appetites in this house!!

I enjoyed a break yesterday out with family and friends to enjoy waffles and a movie. The waffles were BOMB but I honestly could have eaten two of them as the serving wasn’t too crazy huge. Also had some freshly squeezed OJ.

But you guys know me – I will always love my fresh healthy food!

Smoothie bowl with ALL the fruit!

Last week I actually started an Instagram account specifically for the food that I post – check it out here: standingstrongwellness

Nutrition has become such a huge part of my life, and it is an aspect of health and wellness that I intend to move forward with professionally –  but more on that to come another time 🙂


Thanks for reading! FIVE more weeks to go now!


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