Strong to the Finish Challenge – Week 8

Well, being that I had the realization last week that I actually have 4 more weeks to go on this challenge, I didn’t end up having the “week 8” that I thought I would!

I didn’t feel the pressure I anticipated. Rather, this week was one of deep introspection.

I keep waiting for this challenge to change me. To make me into something else. To ignite some sort of chain reaction that will sky rocket me into awesomeness!

I had my tarot cards read on Sunday, which was a great experience by the way. My reader told me that the more I tell myself that I need to change, the more I imply that there is something wrong with me. It made me realize that I need to adjust the language I use when thinking and talking about myself. I need to tread lightly with myself. Because in truth, I don’t really need to change. But I want to become better and see improvements in certain aspects of my life.

I feel better just phrasing it differently.

I thought this journey was going to be all about change, but maybe it’s one more of acceptance. Although I feel I have made some great improvements in my body and in my mind, I am also coming to trust myself, have confidence in my abilities, and realize that I am okay just the way I am.

In terms of how my workouts are going: I started adding weighted lunges (using a barbell) to my leg routine I have found that this has been really working for me! And also making my leg workouts incredibly brutal. I suspect that this is mostly because I am just doing a movement that my body isn’t used to – and it always responds well to surprises.

I treated myself over the weekend a couple of times. I ate this dairy-free dessert that was essentially coconut ice cream wrapped in mochi. It was good and to say I regret it would be to admit that I believe it held me back in any way this week, which I don’t believe it did. That being said, there are only 4 WEEKS LEFT! And I am taking these last four weeks incredibly seriously.

Smoothie Bowls are always a fav!
Baked Chicken Legs
Fuel for the day – Egg and Sweet Potato with Salsa

No matter how tired, I won’t miss a workout. No matter how much I would rather be spending time with friends or family, I need to put this challenge first. No matter what the temptation is, I know I’m only four weeks away to getting back to enjoying treats in moderation. No matter the emotional and physical struggles I may come across, I will endure them. I won’t let myself down. I refuse to let myself down.

Currently sitting at 125, and aiming for 120 so I can get those abs poppin’!

Let me know if you guys have any curious questions about this challenge!

Thanks for reading!

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