Manifesting and The Power of Positive Thinking

I’m dropping everything right now to share a story with you guys, one that had been long tucked away in my memories, which came bubbling to the surface today.

By a show of hands (I kid), how many of you have read or watched “The Secret”?

The first time I watched it was about 8 years ago. At that time, it went way over my head. I wasn’t emotionally mature enough to appreciate it. And at that time, quite frankly, I had a hard time believing that the Universe could respond to my energy.

Life has taught me that it can. I know this for sure: you get back what you give. If you give love, kindness, and joy you receive love, kindness, and joy. If you give out anger, resentment, and despair, that is what you receive.

So just concentrate on the good stuff.

Easy, right?

Perhaps. But at that time I was young. I wasn’t ready to be my best self. I didn’t even know what my ‘self’ was.

Fast forward six years later, and I am well on my journey towards continual self-improvement. I remember this movie about positive thinking and manifesting your destiny, so I watch “The Secret”, again.

This time I am much less a skeptic. Time has taught me some tough lessons. I know that you only get what you believe you will. I acknowledge that gratitude is key. I accept the messages that this philosophy has to offer, especially one in particular that struck me.

The message was this: if you want something, imagine what it is like to get it. Not just that, but feel the gratitude and joy of having it, as if it is already yours. Forget what you don’t want; only focus on what you do want. Concentrate on it every day.

I promised myself I would put it to the test.

At this time I was in dire straights financially. I was a student, overwhelmed, working as much as I could handle in a stressful position but still barely making ends meet. So, I decide to imagine a cheque coming in the mail. I didn’t think about where the cheque would be from, or when it would come. I just imagined a cheque coming in the mail, and me opening it. I imagined the joy I would feel and I felt it, in the deepest core of my being.

I would imagine this wherever I was when I had five or ten minutes spare time. Sometimes I was on the bus, simply smiling to myself, imagining getting this cheque. I did this every single day.

A few weeks went by… and then one day when I arrive home… my mom brings me a cheque.

It’s a bonus from my employer, for all my hard work. Three hundred dollars.

I damn near fell over.

A skeptic might chalk that up to coincidence. Go ahead, be a skeptic. It probably won’t get you a cheque in the mail!

All joking aside, the result of this experiment completely changed my way of thinking.

You can attract things to yourself just by thinking about it with purpose, gratitude, and joy, as if you have already received it. I have witnessed it in my own personal life several times since this event.

If you are up for the challenge, give it a try. Spend 5 minutes each day concentrating on and manifesting that thing you so desire. And remember that you deserve it. Good things are allowed to happen to you! Maybe it’s time you see what positive thinking can do for you.


Thanks for joining me for this story, glorious reader. If you decide to try this challenge, let me know how it goes!

3 responses to “Manifesting and The Power of Positive Thinking”

  1. Woo-hoo!!
    I have never watched The Secret but this idea sounds very similar to the yoga practice of setting intentions and manifestations. I never believed it before either and when I started practicing yoga I would skip over those parts because they seemed phooey to me but after awhile I opened up to it and I have never felt more connected to myself!

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