How to get your butt in gear (and in the gym!)

When I tell people I go to the gym 4+ days a week, the response I usually get is something along the lines of “I don’t know how you do it!”.

Honestly, sometimes, neither do I. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been struggling lately… with those late night workouts!

Just so you know, late night for me is anything after 9 pm. That’s just how I roll.

I don’t always feel motivated to go to the gym. Some days, it’s pure habit (thank the lord I’ve built in some good ones!). But let’s be real here; we can’t always fit in that workout when it’s convenient. Sometimes we just gotta pull up our boot straps (gym socks?) and do it.

Those end of the day workouts are rough. By then I’ve already checked a million things off the to-do list, and I’m exhausted. Physically and sometimes emotionally spent. Plus, Its just so easy to just say “I’ll go tomorrow”.

I’ve been around the gym block, so luckily I have come up with some tactics of how I get my butt in gear before I even think about missing that workout.

How I get my butt in gear (and in the gym) .

  1. Visual motivation! This is such a big one for me. I will go on Instagram and search a fit-related hashtag to come up with some inspiration. Seeing other beautiful Queens working their butts off makes me want to too.
  2. Preworkout… of course! I mean, a little caffiene jolt goes a long way. Plus, once you’ve taken it you’re commited, there is no going back!
  3. I look forward. I envision myself in the future. I ask myself, will I be grateful I had this workout? And I always answer back to myself with a heck yeah. I have never regretted a good workout!
  4. I bring a friend. Or I bring my boyfriend. More often than not during those late night workouts, he’s actually dragging my butt to the gym. But either way, someone is there holding me accountable. And it works.
  5. Putting on some slammin’ gym gear. It’s not a shallow thing. When you look good, you feel good!
  6. Sometimes I just need to remember my WHY. Why am I doing this? And every time it’s the same reason: because I know that every day counts. Every workout counts. It’s one small piece of the giant puzzle I’m putting together. It matters.

See that picture above? I was dragged to the gym that night. It ended up being awesome. Well, my face says it all.

We may not always be motivated, but we can create it! I hope you guys keep your passion alive!

Thanks for reading!

4 responses to “How to get your butt in gear (and in the gym!)”

  1. You are extremely motivational. It reminds me when I used to work out twice a day every day…
    …I truly miss those days.


  2. I know that feeling of being too exhausted all to well. My husband often reminds that if I do it, I’ll feel better afterwards, also it keeps my anxiety in check and sometimes that’s all I need to remind myself that doing this is important. Thanks for the post!!


  3. Thanks! (Sorry I took so long to reply!) It is an awesome thing to connect with others who truly understand what you go through!


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