Everybody Needs Somebody

I used to think that being tough was cool. I would never ask for help, and never show anyone a hint of my emotion for fear of being vulnerable.

I know a lot of people still struggle with this.

In life, we get let down. We convince ourselves that we would be better off without the pain, so we close ourselves off. We pretend we have it handled 100% of the time, when really deep down inside we just feel lost trying to do it alone.

That was me in a nutshell. I acted tough because I thought being tough was the only way I could be. I was focused more on survival than actual living.

But I learned something that freed me.

Everybody needs somebody.

Everybody needs support.

Everybody needs help sometimes.

So I’m not weak or crappy or useless just because I hurt or need help sometimes too. I’m human.

It’s okay to call your mom when you need her.

It’s okay to ask your friends to give you a hand when you need them.

It’s okay to ask for help.

It is one hundred percent okay to need someone.

A significant other, a counselor, a friend. A spiritual or religious guide, a coworker, or a family member. It’s okay to reach out.

If you are fearful about being judged, you should know that anyone who judges you for being vulnerable is a big dummy who needs to do their own soul searching anyways so you probably shouldn’t listen to them.


Anyways my point is, you don’t gotta be tough to be cool. You know what’s cool? Asking for help when you need it (bonus points if it was especially hard to get to that place).


You are all amazing.

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