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Anti-Drug? Nope – I’m ON drugs. 

Getting into the holistic health industry is nothing short of fascinating, and on a personal level this journey has changed my life. The learning curve has been more of a steep hill, but I’ve managed it. I’ve made changes not just in food, but also in my routine , and this has given me a… Continue reading Anti-Drug? Nope – I’m ON drugs. 

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Warrior Wednesday: Me

Hey Strong Babes! In honour of May being Mental Health Awareness month, I’m doing a new series each Wednesday in May called “Warrior Wednesday”. I am going to be sharing the “war stories” of mental health struggles – funny, sad, serious, embarrassing as hell, and everything in between. Talking about mental health is so important… Continue reading Warrior Wednesday: Me

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Why are you Depressed? 

Like many other things in mental health, depression is multifaceted – there are many signs, symptoms, explanations, and origins behind depression. It cannot be explained simply. It can’t be encompassed simply, and it shouldn’t be treated simply. So why are you depressed? A lot of the stigma that still has a stronghold on mental health… Continue reading Why are you Depressed?