August Update (& Exciting News!)

I know it’s not the best habit ever to look at my phone first thing every morning, but for the past couple of weeks when I open my eyes I grab my phone, click on my email, and see if I have any news from the school. You see, I’m still waiting to hear if I graduated from my program at CSNN.

Everybody has been so encouraging and telling me “of course you passed!”. I believe them, but I need confirmation! Only then will I breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s as if I’m stuck in some sort of limbo – on one hand I’m ready to take off running with my business – I have all the enthusiasm, all the passion – all the ambition! I have projects I’m working on and I’m so ready. for. this. On the other hand, I can’t yet move forward, because not only have I gotten that pass or fail news yet, but I can’t practice until after my graduation.

Although the situation isn’t completely ideal, it’s okay. It finally gave me the time I needed to launch my first product. Finally released today on Instagram: the #anxietywarrior tank!


This tank top started as an idea about 9 months ago, out of my passion for increasing awareness about mental health issues and to end the stigma around them. Anxiety specifically because well, if you’re new here, I live with it. And like many of you, I was tired of hiding it, for fear of what other’s might think of me. I know now that anxiety has made me what I am, and as cheesy as it sounds it has made me a better person – it’s defined who I am today.

I am not broken, I am not unlovable, I am not a mistake – I am an #anxietywarrior. I’ve been through the shit… and I make it through each and every time.


Tony Robbins said it’s not what we have that makes us happy in life, but rather who we become. I think I’m starting to realize that. I never chased money, and possessions have never motivated me. I’m motivated by growth. And every year I wonder, who will I be next year? And right now I feel that 2016 Jen would be really proud.

On the other hand, balance is important too. It can’t be about work and growing all the time (just most of it, right). Matthew said to me on the phone yesterday that we need to spend more time together. I wasn’t sure what he meant at first, but the more we talked, we realized that we need to make more time for fun with one another. You see, we are both the ‘workaholic’ type.We see each other in the morning, we work out together, he stops by during the day to say hello, we go to sleep at the same time every night… but occupying the same space doesn’t count. We’re both so busy, and sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to pass before we realize how much we are missing each other.

So, maybe I’ll plan something fun and special for us to do in the next couple of weeks! Put away our phones, get away from any distractions, and enjoy being together. Matthew, if you’re reading this, the wheels in my head are spinning!


In summary, I’m moving forward through this limbo-ish stage with nothing but positivity, and I’m looking forward to more adventures with my partner this next month! If you are curious what those adventures are going to be, please add me on Instagram where I update daily!

You can also catch me on there if you are interested in purchasing a tank, available only through Instagram for a limited time!


Stay Strong, Babes!


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