When Anxiety is Your Normal

When anxiety is your normal, you don’t really know you have anxiety. It’s just life as you know it.

Growing up, I never thought I had anxiety. I thought I was just ‘uptight’. I described myself as ’emotional’. I never felt like I had control, but I constantly sought it. However, it never crossed my mind that I had anxiety.

Even as my anxiety worsened, and I began to worry about losing people I love and thinking about death a lot, I never reasoned that it was anxiety. I just knew I would never be the same.

Truth be told, I didn’t really know what anxiety was, or what it looked like, for the longest time. It was just my normal, and I lived it. I think a lot of people with anxiety can relate to this. When you don’t know any other reality, it can be hard to tease apart whether or not you have anxiety.

Are you an anxious person, or are you just stressed? It can be difficult to tell the difference, as both are unpleasant and negative emotions.

Is it STRESS or is it ANXIETY-


Readers with anxiety, I have a question for you: When you first started experiencing anxiety, did you know what it was?


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3 thoughts on “When Anxiety is Your Normal

  1. I think the experience of anxiety at its extreme is hugely misunderstood. Like most things it’s on a continuum from normal to abnormal. Norma anxiety can be functional and actually help us perform, whilst I have experience abnormal anxiety, hyperventilating and lying sleepless in bed often with no identified reason why this should be happening. It’s scary and feels threatening, causing more anxiety to come. I developed mine at Uni and found yoga and mindfulness has helped, learning to take each day at a time and being gentle on myself on the days when anxiety really gets in the way. It is better now I’m not studying and more in control of my work, health and have a focus on my future.
    I would love you to share your story on my interviews section on my site (joscelinejoy.com) if you’d like? I believe that sharing stories is the most powerful tool to help others! x

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