Keep your eyes on your ‘WHY’

Humans are fascinating, which is probably why I have invested so much time in trying to figure them out. 

You see, I believe that we are all born with unlimited potential. We can be anything we want to be. The sky is the limit; no, there is no limit. 

A simple question follows – then why aren’t we all ‘making it’? Shouldn’t every single one of us be living to our fullest? Pursuing our goals with relentless ambition? Making our dreams come true? 

But we’re not. Why? 

I’ve been looking to the answer for this question for a long time. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed this: That many people start with very little, and somehow they create a lot. Others start with a lot, and yet do very little with their lives. Some people were born and bred to get shit done, others writhe around in misery full of regret and uncertainty. 

I’ve unlocked one small part of this debacle and I want to share it with you today:

Your ‘why’ is everything. 

The idea of waking up early every morning for my dream career, or for money, or even out of habit does not work for me. That’s not why I get out of bed every day. I get out of bed because I’m determined to change the world. 

My ‘why’ is that I’m tired of watching people suffer, and I want to see people happier mind, body, and soul. It’s my purpose. It’s my why. 

See, people with a purpose have passion. People with a reason for why they are doing what they are doing get shit done. Because when it’s a rough day and nothing is going right, and they start to lose faith in themselves, they always have that to fall back on. 

There is always a driving force in getting back up. 

So I never much liked the saying “keep your eyes on the prize” ; I don’t think prizes work for people. And no material possession or end goal would mean anything if I didn’t know for what reason I was putting work in for. 

So my advice? Keep your eyes on your why. Keep it in your heart. Never forget it. And if you don’t know it yet, it’s one hell of a place to start. 

Thanks for joining me on this beautiful journey we call life! Take care of yourselves today. 

5 responses to “Keep your eyes on your ‘WHY’”

  1. This is such a unique and brilliant perspective. I admire your passion too. The “why” will keep you going in the rough patches. I’m glad I read this today- It’s truly inspirational!

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