Blue Hair and Anxiety DO NOT MIX.

I’ve always been approachable. I have that energy about me. I’m not sure why; it’s always been that way. I’m the person weird strangers come up to and accost – (LOL ! …seriously though). I’m the person who feels like your good friend after five minutes of chatting. I am welcoming.

No confirmation needed you guys, because – I live it!

And normally, I love it. It’s always been a special gift to me – the ease of connecting with strangers.

But some days it is a nightmare. Because I have anxiety. And if you catch me on a bad day, I will make it so, so awkward for us.


I don’t mean to sound sour. I’m not sour about it. I’m trying to avoid a debacle for YOU. I swear it. You want this meeting even less than me, you just don’t know it yet.

Well, lately, this has been on my mind a bit more. And you know what? I realized what it is.

It’s this damn. blue. hair.

First of all, it’s super cute and I love it. But as a person, I am really hard to miss in a crowd. As I am likely the only one with blue hair. No where to run. No where to hide!

Secondly, I think the assumption is made that blue-haired people are whacky. And what do we know about whacky people? Well they are outgoing and extroverted, of course.

I am not extroverted.

But even aside from the usual hub-bub of people striking up conversation with me, I have noticed an increase in stranger approaches. My hair being the topic.

People love my hair, and I love it to, and maybe I’m an asshole for saying this but I wish more people would love it from afar.

If I didn’t have anxiety, I wouldn’t even be thinking about this.

If I didn’t have anxiety, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

And thus, I have realized that blue hair and anxiety don’t mix.

Because blue hair is attention grabbing, and attention is the last thing I want.

I don’t want to be noticed! If anything I want to be a stealthy anxiety-ridden ninja. I want to be allowed to warm to people at my own pace.

So we might be nearing the end of the blue road.

What color should I do next? Please don’t say pink!


Thanks for reading 🙂 #anxietywarrior

This post was written with love and in fun, so please don’t think I’m an asshole. If anyone is the asshole here, it’s anxiety. Thanks!


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