I’m on the Juice!

Hey #strongbabes !

I know how it is – late Sunday night perusing the web, not looking at anything in particular.

Well, if you’ve got a moment, check out my newest video!


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Hey everyone! Writing to you here from Calgary, Alberta. I love wholesome, healthy food, lifting weights, and all the spiritual and physical challenges of life. I'm wellness obsessed, and that's what I'm hear to talk about. I'll be taking a holistic mind-body-soul approach to include all important aspects related to a healthy well being. Let's go!

5 thoughts on “I’m on the Juice!

  1. It was fun watching your juice cleanse experience! I have never done one before, but I definitely share your views on it not being for losing weight. Doesn’t work like that & some ppl don’t know that so that’s another reason its awesome you made this :)) I have been thinking of trying one out & your experience made me want to try even more lol

      1. Lol of course! You’re funny :)) I am reading on the diff juices now. How did you decide which ones to use? I noticed your morning juice was one with cold brew, but was wondering about how you ordered the others throughout the day.

      2. I honestly just chose to do it intuitively, but I know some people do it with a bit more strategy. I just think my body knows better than anything, and every body is different!

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