Make it Happen Monday 

Hey my loves!

My apologies for being late with this one, you won’t believe what happened to me today.

I left my pup unattended for all of 5 minutes today and she got into a box of chocolates, and ate about half. HALF! Of a huge box! I damn near fell over.

I rushed to have my fur babe checked out at the vet and they said aside from some stomach upset, she should be okay.

Ugh, my heart!

Now lets get down to business and get motivated! I know a lot of us are feeling extra inspired as the year has just begun. I am all for making resolutions, and I wanted to share with you guys this post I found on Forever Conscious about setting intentions for the New Year –

“New Moon, New Year Intention Setting Ritual for 2017”


I found the post very empowering, as it reminded me that I have the power to make 2017 all I want it to be!


Thanks for reading! Bye for now!

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5 thoughts on “Make it Happen Monday 

  1. Aww poor pup! If only they knew how bad that stuff was for them. Glad she’s okay :))

    Also, happy 2017! This time next year we will have been blogging friends for over a year! Lol

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